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pug life #4

A few of my favourite photos of little squishy from the past few weeks! She has been a monkey again recently & to my absolute horror she sat on me & did a wee the other night. I literally couldn't believe it, I was so so shocked, she has never done that before, not even as a baby! I have no idea what made her do that, naughty little pug! We've been playing lots of fetch with her indoors today, for a little dog she has a ridiculous amount of energy & hardly stops all day, she's even had 3 walks! Does anyone elses dog refuse to play fetch outdoors but will cry until you play it with them inside? She's so demanding, our living room is huge luckily so we can get away with throwing her toys across the room although Dom did almost send my vase of flowers flying! Honestly I didn't expect pugs to be so active, although she loves a good snooze too & will often not wake up until after 11 each morning!

Two weeks ago Dom & I took her to a pug meet up, she had SO much fun & I was in heaven surrounded by all the pugs, chatting away to their owners & sharing advice etc! If you have a dog I'd highly recommend joining groups on Facebook specific to the breed you have, it's amazing talking to like-minded people - similar to blogging in that sense! I've been to two pug meet ups now, the one we went to a few weeks ago was actually partly organised by me... I won't lie I did turn into a bit of stalker trying to hunt down pugs in my area, but it was so worth it & nobody thought I was crazy or weird, infact everyone was so excited about the idea! It's amazing seeing all the doggies together, I'm almost sure all the pugs knew they were the same as each other!! They're hilarious little things & all do the same funny little things, e.g stand & lick the air! I might share the photos from the meetup if people wouldn't mind even more pug spam!? Let me know (:

L x

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  1. SHARE THE PHOTOS! Tilly does so many of the same things as Pups, it's about time we got them to meet up! I like the idea of finding other pugs in the area. I know Pups went on a walk with two in the local area when he was having difficulties around cars as it really settled him down.
    Love, Rebecca-Louise
    Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog

  2. I LOVE pugs, my husband and I have been wanting to get one for ages but are waiting until we move to a bigger house. They are gorgeous photos too!

  3. I would love to see some photos from the meet up! I'm hoping there will be a Cavalier meet up near me soon! Xx

    The Beauty Fiend

  4. Oh wow, I am in love with your dog! x

  5. She's so adorable! Pug's are the funniest little dogs, my old boss had one and he had such an attitude on him. Carry on sharing photos pleaseeee, I need my puppy fix!

    Ria xo