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wednesday wishlist #15

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I find myself looking at the homeware section of shops more & more, for as long as I can remember I've always been interested in Interior Design & now that I have my own place with Dom I'm constantly on the hunt for things to make our flat more homely! This week I decided to dedicate my usual wishlist post to some lovely home products I'm lusting after. My taste is quite girly with a mix of vintage/shabby chic so I'm aware not everyone will like what I pick but I'm lucky in the sense that Dom doesn't mind floral bedding & a pastel themed kitchen!

It would be such a dream to own a Kitchenaid, I pointed them out to Dom at Christmas time & he almst died at the price, to be honest the price is insane but it's so pretty & I love baking so that completely justifies it, right!? I have an obsession with cushions, I love having a big pile of them on my bed, it makes it look so much nicer plus it's cosy & a couple of floral cushions helps make our sofa a bit more 'us' (or should I say 'me'!) - one of the many downsides to renting is not being able to have freewill over the decor & furniture, it drives me mad! I just want to paint the walls, hang up pictures & buy some beautiful furniture, wah, one day hopefully!! 

L x

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  1. I think our styles may be exactly the same! That mixer is to die for and I love the dressing table, need one like that in my life :)

    Fiona @

  2. I love everything in here, and that dressing table is just an absolute dream! x

  3. Yeah I agree - the dressing table set is divine, especially the mirror.I have followed on bloglovin' and can't wait to read more. Would love it if you popped across to see me on

  4. love that dresser!! so pretty! :)

  5. That dressing table looks amazing! It's my dream to one day own a dressing table like that, where I can store pretty perfume bottles and makeup on it, and feel like a princess. If only my bedroom was bigger! :-)

    Amy :)

  6. I love the colour palette of this wishlist! Those pale pinks are just so lovely. That vanity is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Love the colors! xo

  8. That dresser!! I have seen a similar in Ikea.. it isn't as grand as the dunelm one! I desperately need a beautiful place to house all my trinkets and makeup!!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  9. I love all these kitchens, but I love the Kitchenaid. When I have my own kitchen I would love this.


  10. I have that bowl, in baby blue. SO want a Kitchen Aid, but my boyfriend is no fun and won't let me spend the wedding fund on one. Lovely wishlist! x