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bleach london DIY dip dye kit

Today I had a little disaster with my hair. I've been meaning to ombre my hair again for a while now as I really liked the style, especially over Summer & I finally got round to doing it. Unfortunately this kit & my hair didn't get on & it's resulted in my hair being really orange toned & very brassy. I was looking forward to having my ombre hair back & I'm really gutted I've gotta go spend money on toners etc to try sort it out now because I've never had a problem with any other dip dye kits before! 

The bleach kit contains:
1 x Developing Lotion
2 x Bleaching Powder
1 x Blending Lotion
1 x Tint Brush
1 x Mixing Bowl
1 x Pair of Gloves
1 x Reincarnation Mask

I decided to purchase this kit because I really liked the idea of being providing with a blending lotion to prevent any harsh lines occurring, as I have been a victim to this when previously dip dying my hair! I found it a little messy to apply but I do think it helped as I don't have the obvious straight line where the bleach starts. I ended up having to spread the lotion the entire way down my hair, even though it said to just put it 2-3cms from the start but there was just so much it kinda got everywhere anyway. Perhaps this is what stopped my hair from taking to the bleach so well but I'm not sure because where the bleach started it's actually quite a nice colour then the middle section turns into a ginger brassy tone & the ends are lighter. I ended up having to bleach my hair twice with this kit as there was loads of dye left after the first go & I was hoping it would lighten it more but it didn't make a difference. Luckily though the reincarnation mask that is included is seriously good stuff, my hair doesn't feel like it's been bleached at all! It's so so soft & easy to brush through, it's not dry at all so at least I can continue to use that over the next few weeks to try keep my hair in a decent condition. Overall, yes my hair is brassy but I'm hoping an ash toner will sort that out, at least my hair isn't too damaged & has been lightened! 
Have you used this dip dye kit? Please recommend me some toners to try out & also your favourite purple shampoos!
L x

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  1. i ombred my hair with the cheapest XXL bleach dye and it was great - sometimes the bigger/more impressive seeming the brand the more you expect. because my hair is so dark i left the dye in longer then the packaging said too as well so maybe next time you should do that?
    so upset for you anyway, that's reallly annoying! :( i've used the john frieda purple shampoo before and i thought it was quite good!

  2. I never attempt any kind of hair dyeing at home in fear of it going wrong.

  3. Bleaching hair, especially prior coloured hair is always a gamble. I have been home bleaching, dip dying, crazy colours etc for 10 years and every time is surprise. I think like Eleanor said, you could leave the bleach in slightly longer, but sometimes if the hair underneath was previously coloured for example, it may not lighten anymore at all with bleach. I use Lee Stafford for bleach hair, they do a one shot toner (can be found in Boots) which works a treat and the shampoo and coniditioner really work to keep your ends healthy. Sucks that this didn't work out for you but fear not you will get it sorted! Another good thing to try is crazy colours Neutral, which should help to lighten a fair bit without bleaching again. XX

  4. I always use the L'Oreal Ombre kits and I find they work really well! I was thinking of trying this one next though because I want my ends to be more lighter, but I'm not sure now haha! Great review though, I found it really helpful :)

    Millie x

  5. Sorry to hear it didn't quite work how you wanted it to! I haven't dyed my hair at home for ages, don't think I'm brave enough any more haha! xo

  6. oh see this is why i dont try it becasue everyone says tey either dont work or run on your clothes while out , thanks for sharing x

  7. i did it 2 times and no one even noticed :( haha

  8. It sounds really cool! I like the look of dip dye I'm just nervous about how my hair will feel afterwards, it's not the best thing in the world for your hair. It sounds like the hair mask you had with it was good :)
    Tanja Mortensen

  9. I heard the Lee Stafford shampoos are good!! I wanted on a Zoella video x

  10. A little tip from a hairstylist before you apply, backcomb around the middle of your hair…. Then apple so you avoid any straight lines! :)

  11. This is such a good kit for D.I.Y ombre! xx