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soap & glory hand food

  Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream - £2.50 - £7.00
Over the cold Winter months my hands got very dry & chapped. Walking Tilly in the freezing cold wind & rain without gloves on was not one of my best ideas & resulted in sore handies. I often forgot to apply hand cream regularly but because my hands were in an awful state they really needed to be slathered in moisturiser throughout the day. I've had a mini bottle of Soap & Glory Hand Food in my handbag for the past few years but it would often just be one of those items you carry around for the sake of it. When my hands started getting cracked skin from being so dry I decided I needed to be more regular with my hand cream application! I already had a good supply of S&G's Hand Food as I always seem to receive a few S&G gift sets around Christmas time so I just needed to get into the habit of applying it. Hand Food really helped to soothe my irritated skin, the cracked skin instantly felt relieved as a I applied it & within a few days my hands would be fully repaired. Once I got into the routine of applying hand cream as often as possible I saw the benefits quite quickly & had lovely soft hands. Hand Food is fragranced with Soap & Glory's signature Rose & Bergamot scent which is a fresh, girly smell. One of the best things about this hand cream is that it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy after application. It's not too thick either which means I don't need to wait for ages whilst the product sinks in. Even though the weather is warming up I still get dry skin quite easily on my hands from washing them regularly as all doggy owners should do! Soap & hot water really dries my skin out & if I don't keep them moisturised they quickly become chapped again. I also have a really bad habit of picking the skin around my nails when I'm anxious which leaves my nails looking like a right mess & results in the skin becoming very hard. I really hate the feeling of rough skin but applying Hand Food regularly my hands are now hydrated & soft to touch. Dom got me the Hand Wash & Hand Food set for Christmas so straight after I wash my hands I can put on a thin layer of Hand Food. I like having the little matching set on display in my bathroom, it looks cute & my guests always mention how lovely it is to have a nice hand cream to use! I now always make use of the mini Hand Food in my bag, I have the larger tube either on my bedside table or on my desk whilst I'm working  & the pump bottle sitting on my sink next to the pink coloured Wash Your Hands Of It hand wash.
Have you tried Soap & Glory's Hand Food Hand Cream?
L x

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  1. I love the smell of Soap and Glory! I admit though I don't really use hand cream, but this would be a lovely little gift for my mum she loves to take care of her hands.

  2. I'm lucky and I don't get dry hands, but when I need a soft touch I always reach for hand food, lovely review xoxo

  3. Lovely review. I've tried the Hand Food but I have to admit I wasn't a massive fan of the scent myself, but each to their own of course :) Danielle x

    frontière girl

  4. I love this just as much as you do! The smell, the texture, everything :). I love that you have it everywhere you are in the different sizes, true product dedication :)



  5. I use to always carry around the small Hand Food in the winter to keep my skin soft.


  6. I love hand food, it's an essential in winter!