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soap & glory smoothie star breakfast scrub

UK beauty blogger UK lifestyle blogger review swatch soap & glory smoothie star breakfast scrub
UK beauty blogger UK lifestyle blogger review swatch soap & glory smoothie star breakfast scrub
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub - £8.00
When it comes to shower/bath/pamper products Soap & Glory are always my number one choice. I love everything about S&G products, from the cutesy packaging to the range of delicious scents. The Smoothie Star range is my absolute favourite though, the smell of these products is delicious, I literally want to eat the stuff it smells so good! Filled with oats, sugar, banana, almond & honey it creates a breakfasty porridge/maple syrup fragrance that I can't resist, I often just sit with the tub in my hand unscrewing the lid every few seconds to enjoy the smell haha! 

I take a scoop of the scrub & rub it in my hands before applying it to my damp skin in circular motions. The golden sugar scrub particles & the gentle oatmeal grains exfoliate my skin without being harsh at all. What I really like is that the scrub doesn't feel overly gritty, the grains are small but the right size to have a good scrub with. It also doesn't get messy like some scrubs I've used where I end up dropping blobs of it all over the bathtub, this formula seems to stick together well which means I waste less product too! Now that the weather is perking up a little I've been baring my legs more when wearing dresses/skirts so I've been trying to improve the condition of my skin as it can quite be dry & flakey. The Breakfast Scrub is definitely helping to make my legs appear smooth & they feel a lot softer. Afterwards I use the Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk which has a really similar scent, although slightly more of a cocoa butter smell rather than a breakfast pancake kinda smell it's still super yummy & I love how the scent lingers all day! I read on the Boots website that the Breakfast Scrub could be used as a lip scrub too, however I just tried this & although my lips do feel smoother, the taste is so so strange! 

I always look forward to exfoliating now because it's one of those scrubs you can see the results with, plus I get to enjoy the smell & it really pleases me that the scrub doesn't drop everywhere, it's hardly any hassle at all to exfoliate now! I know that I will be using this loads over Summer & I'm going to invest in a few more Smoothie Star treats whilst Boots have their 3 for 2 offer on!

Have you tried anything from the Smoothie Star range?
What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

L x

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  1. Soap and Glory are such an amazing brand, I love the Sugar Crush Scrub as I prefer fruity scents and that one contains things like brown sugar and lime. Great review :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  2. I've used Soap and Glory for a while now, I just love the smell. The body scrub is great on knees and elbows :)

  3. I love S&G scrubs! Might give this one a go! Sounds lovely!

  4. I adore the breakfast scrub so much, the smell is one I absolutely love. I really like flake away too but the breakfast scrub beats it hands down for smell alone xx

  5. This is one of the Soap and Glory products which I've never tried but mya pick up now! it sounds lovely

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  6. Great review! I really want to try the soap and glory scrubs!


  7. Ooh this looks really good; I love scrubs - can't resist them!

    Definitely going to try this one out :)

    Love your blog!

  8. I really need to try this. Soap and glory products always smell lovely x