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wednesday wishlist #21

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I feel like I haven't done a fashion wishlist for a while, I've been kinda overwhelmed with everything in the shops recently that I couldn't decide what I actually liked! I have to admit I find the whole pastel & gingham combinations dreamy but always think pastels can be awkward to pull off! Apart from loving everything pastel I'm in desperate need of a decent pair of black jeans, I have a pair of Primark ones but they go so baggy at the knees & I hate skinny jeans that are loose! Topshop Leigh jeans never fail me, so I'll be picking up a pair asap! After going through a stage of mostly wearing dresses & skirts I've become more of a jeans girl again & I'm really loving wearing skinnies with a dainty little top, like a cami or a pastel coloured shell top. New Look have some really pretty pieces atm, I got carried away scrolling for ages!

What's your favourite item from my wishlist?

L x

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  1. I love those sandals. Perfect with almost any outfit in my opinion!

  2. My topshop black Leigh jeans are a godsend! Wear them all the time

    Sophie xx

  3. I love the ring, very pretty and a great accessory!

  4. I just love love love that shirt. I agree, although pastels are so pretty I find them quite difficult to wear and find things that look good with them, but when you do they're lovely x

  5. Love these items!! I hate loose skinny jeans too!! They always become really baggy on me which drives me crazy! I will definitely try those topshop ones out !
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  6. Such a perfect outfit, hard to pick a favorite item but I'd probably have to go with the checkered blouse.

  7. Great styling, I really like it, as did the entire blog.