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a little roundup #1

You may or may not have noticed I've been quiet on my blog the past week or so, which is actually a rather regular occurrence but I really do have legit excuses! I've got some exciting news & a few things to share with you all so here is my little roundup of what's been going on!

001. I'm moving back up North!! If you know me or follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you might know that I've been living down South for the past 3 years. I've been lucky enough to experience life in London for 2 of those years & for the past 12 months I've been living in Milton Keynes with Dom. I've been dying to move back up North closer to our family & friends for a while now but due to work commitments etc etc it wasn't able to happen! Finally everything has started to come together & it's now just a case of packing up our little flat at the end of June to start our new lives back in the North West of England. I know most people would love the chance to live in London or close to it, but after 3 years & a sad looking bank balance the time has come to wave goodbye!

002. I'm currently staying up North as it was Dom's Birthday on Monday we decided to have a week off work & spend time with our family & friends. We go back home tomorrow ready for our final month of living down South! We've had the nicest time & it's really made me realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by such supportive people (:
Free Graze Box 003. A little treat for you all, Graze are offering my readers a free box of yummy snacks. I always love to receive a Graze box in the post, you get to pick what kind of snacks you like, there's over 100 to choose from so you'll be spoilt for choice! Your hand-picked box of snacks is then sent to you in the post for free & can even be delivered to you at work! If you'd like a free box on me click the image above or this link! You do have to sign up to get your free box, which involves entering card details but I can promise you they don't take a payment from you until the next box is sent, which allows you to order your free box then cancel straight after. That way you won't need to pay anything, although 3.99 isn't bad a box of hand picked snacks delivered to your door! I don't think I could pick a favourite from the huge range of snacks available but he Honeycomb Flapjack looks absolutely delicious! *heart eyed emoji* - Graze also do Breakfast boxes & boxes specifically for kids now too! Let me know what snacks you'd like to receive from Graze & what style of box you picked!
004. This week has literally consisted of cake, cake & more cake. I've had lots of catching up to do, meeting up with old & new friends in cute cafes eating cupcakes & having coffee has been perfect & I only wish I could do it everyday! As I mentioned above it was also Dom's Birthday so of course there was lots of cake involved then too & I even had some pug cupcakes made for him! Today I met up with Abi, my best blogging buddy for lunch in our favourite tearoom & we had a good chat about anything & everything!

005. Cosmo Blogger Awards. I didn't really consider entering my blog this year as I still don't feel established enough & I'm not new enough to enter into the new blogger categories. However Abi mentioned it wouldn't harm having a go so now my loulabeth is up for nominations. If you enjoy my blog it would mean the absolute world to me if you could spare a few seconds of your day to nominate me under 'Best Established Beauty Blog'. Tilly pug hugs available to all of those who nominate me ;)

006. I might start doing these posts more regularly? It's a way to share what I've been up to & keep y'all in the loop a bit more! It's also sort of a summary of everything & anything I needed & sometimes it's just what I need to do before I go back into blogging. I always feel like if theres been a little gap between posts that I should do a catch up style post to get everything of my mind!

How has your week been!?

L x

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Kemples Makeup Bag Essentials

Myself and the lovely Laura who runs this beautiful blog decided it was about time to collaborate. Just like the YouTubers do but in blog post form. I think its great to support each other and help each other out, working on collaborations will help us come up with great new ideas for blog posts. To start our collaboration off we have decided to pick out our make up essentials from our make up bags. Knowing me and Laura we probably will have the same taste in make up, head over to my blog to see her version of this blog post. Loulabeth - My Make up Essentials.

Revlon 24 Hour Foundation: This has to be my favourite drug store foundation, I have tried out so many other foundations and only go back to a handful of them. This one has the quality of a high end £30 foundation and it glides onto my skin perfectly. It is the perfect shade for me with no orange tinge to it, I cannot stand it when my foundation looks off colour or uneven. I think you have to start with the perfect base to get an amazing made up look. This foundation for me is perfection in a bottle, I definitely will repurchase this product. 

Benefit Cosmetics: I love benefit, they have incredible products out at the moment. They always seem to get every product right, which is great. I recently was lucky enough to go to a Benefit event to see the launch of their new push up liner, this product sits firmly in my beauty essentials. I also am a huge fan of the Gimme Brow which perfects my make up look by helping have the perfect eyebrows. I then love to use the They're Real mascara, which is incredible.  

Collection Concealer:  I am a huge fan of this concealer, the hype is totally worth it. It hides everything I want to hide and works well with my foundation. I love to use this on days when I want to wear small amounts of make up just to hide a few things. I love the quality and this product has been part of my make up bag for a couple years now.

Bourjois Bronzer: This product has been seen around the blogosphere may times, the hype yet again totally worth it. It gives me the perfect colour for this lovely weather we are having at the moment. When this finishes it defiantly will be repurchased to sit firmly in my make up bag. 

Balance Me: This face cream I use just before applying my make up, it is light enough to use just before application of foundation. It dries super fast which is always a bonus. It plumps and smooths my skin for the perfect base to work off. I tend to have dry skin so using this helps to keep my make up looking great all day. If you have sensitive skin this would be perfect for you too.

L x

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i went into boots for one thing...

Powder. Powder was all I needed to go into Boots for. I promised myself I would walk in, grab my powder, head straight to the tills & then walk out. Somehow I ended up in the skincare section as I suddenly remembered I needed more Garnier Micellar Water which lead me to spot an offer on Soap & Glory products. I obviously couldn't resist a third off the 'No Clogs Allowed' & so into the basket that went! Heading over to the makeup aisles in search of a powder obviously didn't go quite to plan either & ended up with an extra two products that I didn't really need. I noticed Revlon products had £3 off which of course gave me the excuse to pick up the PhotoReady Primer. When something is slightly cheaper than usual it's just too good to say no to isn't it!? The final thing I ended up getting was another L'Oreal SuperLiner. Now I do already have quite a stash of eyeliners to get through, but the SuperLiner's are my absolute fave & since Tilly pug ran off & hid the one I'm currently using I just had to buy another didn't I! And that is how I waved goodbye to the best part of £40, it's just so easy to get caught up in all the exciting products & offers!

Boots, you get me every time with your appealing offers, my bank balance is not happy right now...
Please tell me I'm not the only one that walks into Boots for ONE thing & ends up coming out with a bag full of treats!?

L x

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5 things: to do when you need cheering up

(You can tell I was meant to type up this post ages ago by the fact that I used the February issue of Company magazine, queen of procrastination right here!)
We all have bad days & often need a little treat or two to cheer ourselves up again, usually I end up wasting my day in bed moping around & being miserable but I'm trying my hardest to snap out of this & do something more productive. 

001: Bake cakes.
Who doesn't love cake? Well if you don't then you're crazy. In my opinion home made fairy cakes taste so much better than shop bought cake & there is nothing nicer than your house smelling of freshly baked cakes. I have to admit cake is my ultimate comfort food & it only takes 20 minutes or so to throw a batch together!

002: Read a magazine or a book.
It's not often I give myself time to read much anymore. Sometimes it's great to escape into a good book or flick through a trashy magazine to distract you from your real life worries! I'm currently reading 'The Fault in Our Stars' which is actually kinda sad, but it draws you in & I can't put it down at the mo!

003: Go for a walk. 
If you can find the energy to pick yourself up then you'll be amazed at how great you feel after a walk in the fresh air. Even if it's a quick 5 minute walk to the local shops, it's better than nothing & will do you the world of good. In the past you would find me slouching around in bed, literally waiting for it to be evening so I could go back to sleep but once I forced myself to actually leave the house & see the world I already felt 100 times better. Now I have little Tilly pug I'm always out & about with her, discovering new places I didn't know existed & feeling excited to show Dom our new favourite route!

004: Plan something.
Sometimes we just need something to look forward to & if you've nothing planned the future can seem boring. Recently money hasn't been on my side & I've had to cut back on spending, which has made it really hard to make plans. Dom & I make sure we get a little treat once a week, even if it's just a bottle of wine or a chippy tea. That way I know that if I'm having a bad week I've got a little treat coming my way very soon! Of course it's even more exciting if you can make plans for something like a trip away & recently I've had a few things come along. Next weekend we are going home to see our family up North which I am looking forward to so much, it's hard being hundreds of miles away from familiar faces & knowing we get to see them all soon is the best feeling! I'm also having Abi (Kemples) to come stay in June as we are going to a blogger event in London. There will be lots of shopping, makeup chat & maybe even a couple of cocktails too!

005: Write a list.
Lists always help. Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do can be the worst thing & often makes me ignore whatever I need to get done until the very last minute which then sends me into a huge panic. I'm a huge list lover though & I find it really helps to break down tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks to ensure I complete everything I need to do. Being organised helps to reduce my anxiety & panic attacks & often when I'm having a bad day it's because I've been ridiculously unorganised! 

Of course there are a million & one other ways to turn your day from bad to good but these are just my little quick fixes if I need to put a smile back on my face! What do you do when you need to cheer yourself up?

L x

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balance me natural protection moisturiser spf25

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to attend a Balance Me event in London but unfortunately due to working commitments I couldn't attend, so the lovely PR lady sent me some treats instead. One of the items I received was the Natural Protection Moisturiser which I've been using each day. Being pale I burn very, very easily & generally have a huge fear of skin damage because of how painfully burnt I've been in the past. Having said that I never really thought to apply an SPF to my face unless I was on holiday abroad & have only relied on my foundation to provide protection until now. This moisturiser contains natural ingredients to block out both UVA and UVB rays, which in turn helps to reduce visible signs of premature ageing. It keeps my skin hydrated, soothed & shielded from any environmental damage from the sun or even pollution. The cream itself feels very thin however it applies as though it is much thicker as it creates a film of product all over my skin but it sinks in surprisingly quickly & the white mask of moisturiser that was there moments before has set to work to ensure my skin is protected! It has a very natural scent which I'm not particularly fond of but it doesn't linger once it's soaked in & a fresh natural smell reassures me that the product contains no nasty ingredients! Whilst using this moisturiser my foundation has applied really well over the top & although I can't see any physical changes in my skin at least I am now helping to reduce any future skin damage.

What products do you use to protect your skin?

L x

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MAC satin taupe eyeshadow

UK lifestyle blogger UK beauty blogger review swatch mac eyeshadow satin taupe
MAC Eyeshadow 'Satin Taupe - £12.50
Satin Taupe is a mushroom brown eyeshadow with purple/plum undertones & a slight shimmer, hence belonging to the 'Frost' range of MAC eyeshadows. Unlike some eyeshadows which have a chalky texture Satin Taupe is buttery soft which makes it really easy to apply. The shimmer is subtle yet still enough to create a slight sheen which is always what I opt for rather than a completely matte shade. It's pigmentation is amazing, it's really build-able too so you could use it for a more intense look or keep it simple as just a wash of colour for your lids. The staying power is as good as it can get when it comes to eyeshadows, it lasts all day without any fall out, creasing or patchiness. It literally sits in place & doesn't budge until it's time to remove it. Considering it's really pigmented & has long lasting wear it blends really easily. The dream team for me is Satin Taupe applied & blended with a 217 brush - everyone needs one of those brushes in their lives! It's one of those eyeshadows that can be worn all over the lid during the day if you fancy adding something extra to your makeup look or it can be the perfect product to work with when creating a smokey eye. If you're new to MAC eyeshadows I'd highly recommend picking this little beauty up, it's a shade that you can't really go wrong with & I personally can't find any faults with it! (except maybe the price - MAC why you so pricey!? *sad face*)
L x 

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1000 follower giveaway

I've not really been the best blogger over the past two years & have had quite a few 'blogger blocks' where my blog has been neglected for weeks at a time. It's something I'm really trying to work on this year, I love my little blog so much & it's always such a joy to grab my laptop in an evening or whenever I'm free to type up a post & share it with you guys! I just thought I'd do a little thank you post to say thanks for sticking with my blog, even though I can be unreliable & unorganised it really means the world to me that over 1000 of you read my posts & take the time to leave me lovely comments! I know it's a bit cliche to say that but it really is the nicest thing to know people actually read my blog. 

What you can win:
1x 125ml bottle of Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream
1x 125ml bottle of Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
1x NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush in the shade of your choice, pick a shade here (as long as it's in stock at Next!)

The giveaway will run from 10th May 2014 until 10th June 2014 & is open internationally!

Good luck!
Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me which shade of blusher you would pick if you win!

L x

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pug life #5

This photo got so much love on all of my social media accounts I was kinda overwhelmed! It's amazing how much recognition one little photo can get so quickly & easily nowadays! Tilly Pug is one popular little pup, especially on Instagram, the Pug community is incredible on there! Anyway, I have this  cream heart shaped mirror propped up against the wall because our landlord won't let us hang anything without getting his permission & it's all a bit too long winded for my liking! Tilly keeps noticing her reflection & will often stare at it or occasionally she will get confused & think there is another dog in the room & bark like crazy! I caught her staring at the weekend & just happened to be scrolling through Instagram so quickly switched to camera mode & managed to snap this photo! I think it's one of my favourite photos of Tilly, it's just SO cute, she looks amazing. I'm so proud of my little Tilly tots, as sad as that sounds but she is just the most incredible little thing, I often can't believe she is actually real! On Sunday it will be a year since Tilly came into my life so I think I will do a little recap of the past year with her! (:

L x

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spring/summer makeup picks

Over the past few weeks I've been reaching for the same beauty products, I wasn't really aware I actually switched up my makeup when the seasons change but I'm all for a dewy healthy glow at the moment! To start with, the base of my choice has been the YSL touch√© √©clat foundation mainly because it's so light on my skin & there is nothing worse than cakey makeup, especially when we experience warm weather. I also love the radiance it adds to my skin, it helps perk up my dull skin tone & gives me that wide awake & fresh look. I'm kinda new to bronzers but have become addicted to wearing it every day now. My skin resembles the colour of a ghost so adding a brown powder to my skin scared me, but I'm so glad I've actually tried it! I apply the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer with a small contour brush to add a little more definition to my cheek bones & then take a big fluffy brush to blend it all in & add a bit around my temples & jawline to give me some much needed colour! NYX Powder Blush in Peach has literally been on my cheeks everyday since I bought it last month. It's such a pretty shade & I find it really flattering against my pale complexion. Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky is a shimmery champagne eye shadow which is fuss free to apply, simply 'scribble' all over your eyelid & blend it with a brush or finger. I don't like to wear too much eyeshadow at the moment, I prefer a subtle wash of colour, a cat flick & a couple of coats of mascara & shimmery nudes are always a safe option, they go with everything!  As a pastel obsessive I've been trying to step out of my comfort & wear some more bright & daring nail polish. My favourite shade at the moment is Speed Dial by Ciate. It looks like it would be quite 'in your face' but it's actually an amazing coral based orange on my nails & I can imagine it would compliment a tan really well. A summer makeup routine wouldn't be complete without a highlighter, when the sun is shining you want the light to reflect of all the right places & 'highlight' those areas! MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle is the highlighter I regularly use on top of my cheekbones & also on my brow bone. Finally, I've been obsessed with Marc Jacobs Honey perfume, it's such a Summery scent, I've even been wearing it on rainy days to bring a bit of sunshine into my life!

What are your favourite makeup & fragrances for the Spring & Summer time?
L x

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