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Kemples Makeup Bag Essentials

Myself and the lovely Laura who runs this beautiful blog decided it was about time to collaborate. Just like the YouTubers do but in blog post form. I think its great to support each other and help each other out, working on collaborations will help us come up with great new ideas for blog posts. To start our collaboration off we have decided to pick out our make up essentials from our make up bags. Knowing me and Laura we probably will have the same taste in make up, head over to my blog to see her version of this blog post. Loulabeth - My Make up Essentials.

Revlon 24 Hour Foundation: This has to be my favourite drug store foundation, I have tried out so many other foundations and only go back to a handful of them. This one has the quality of a high end £30 foundation and it glides onto my skin perfectly. It is the perfect shade for me with no orange tinge to it, I cannot stand it when my foundation looks off colour or uneven. I think you have to start with the perfect base to get an amazing made up look. This foundation for me is perfection in a bottle, I definitely will repurchase this product. 

Benefit Cosmetics: I love benefit, they have incredible products out at the moment. They always seem to get every product right, which is great. I recently was lucky enough to go to a Benefit event to see the launch of their new push up liner, this product sits firmly in my beauty essentials. I also am a huge fan of the Gimme Brow which perfects my make up look by helping have the perfect eyebrows. I then love to use the They're Real mascara, which is incredible.  

Collection Concealer:  I am a huge fan of this concealer, the hype is totally worth it. It hides everything I want to hide and works well with my foundation. I love to use this on days when I want to wear small amounts of make up just to hide a few things. I love the quality and this product has been part of my make up bag for a couple years now.

Bourjois Bronzer: This product has been seen around the blogosphere may times, the hype yet again totally worth it. It gives me the perfect colour for this lovely weather we are having at the moment. When this finishes it defiantly will be repurchased to sit firmly in my make up bag. 

Balance Me: This face cream I use just before applying my make up, it is light enough to use just before application of foundation. It dries super fast which is always a bonus. It plumps and smooths my skin for the perfect base to work off. I tend to have dry skin so using this helps to keep my make up looking great all day. If you have sensitive skin this would be perfect for you too.

L x

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  1. I love seeing what is in other people's makeup bags and what products they rely on. I've never tried the balance me cream but I might have to pick some up soon.

  2. Thanks for posting your haul! would love a hello over at my blog if you want a read?

  3. This is a great post!
    I really want to try a cheaper alternative for Estee Lauder Doublewear and think I might give the revlon one a go!
    Glad to see the collection concealer creeping up into the favourites! I couldn't be without it!

    New Follower here! :)

    Sarah xx

  4. Gosh I finally must try the famous Revlon makeup. Been reading about it all the time but still haven't bought. It's kind of hard to pick the right shade when we don't have them in drugstores.

  5. Lovely post! I am a huge fan of the They're Real mascara and the Bourjois bronzer. x