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pug life #5

This photo got so much love on all of my social media accounts I was kinda overwhelmed! It's amazing how much recognition one little photo can get so quickly & easily nowadays! Tilly Pug is one popular little pup, especially on Instagram, the Pug community is incredible on there! Anyway, I have this  cream heart shaped mirror propped up against the wall because our landlord won't let us hang anything without getting his permission & it's all a bit too long winded for my liking! Tilly keeps noticing her reflection & will often stare at it or occasionally she will get confused & think there is another dog in the room & bark like crazy! I caught her staring at the weekend & just happened to be scrolling through Instagram so quickly switched to camera mode & managed to snap this photo! I think it's one of my favourite photos of Tilly, it's just SO cute, she looks amazing. I'm so proud of my little Tilly tots, as sad as that sounds but she is just the most incredible little thing, I often can't believe she is actually real! On Sunday it will be a year since Tilly came into my life so I think I will do a little recap of the past year with her! (:

L x

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  1. Pugs are such amazing dogs, I want one so bad! They're ADORABLE.
    Your dog is quite fascinating :) You're very lucky :3

  2. Such a cute photo, the frame is nice too, Maybe you can stick it on with out nails using hard as nails.

  3. this photo is amazing, defo my fave of tilly xx

  4. What a cute little dog! A lovely mirror too
    Alex x

  5. I am considering getting a dog, Pugs are in my top 5! This is a really good photo :)

  6. This is the cutest photo ever! Awww I want a pug :)

  7. I'm sorry!

    But this is absolutely precious! Aw!