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balance me natural protection moisturiser spf25

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to attend a Balance Me event in London but unfortunately due to working commitments I couldn't attend, so the lovely PR lady sent me some treats instead. One of the items I received was the Natural Protection Moisturiser which I've been using each day. Being pale I burn very, very easily & generally have a huge fear of skin damage because of how painfully burnt I've been in the past. Having said that I never really thought to apply an SPF to my face unless I was on holiday abroad & have only relied on my foundation to provide protection until now. This moisturiser contains natural ingredients to block out both UVA and UVB rays, which in turn helps to reduce visible signs of premature ageing. It keeps my skin hydrated, soothed & shielded from any environmental damage from the sun or even pollution. The cream itself feels very thin however it applies as though it is much thicker as it creates a film of product all over my skin but it sinks in surprisingly quickly & the white mask of moisturiser that was there moments before has set to work to ensure my skin is protected! It has a very natural scent which I'm not particularly fond of but it doesn't linger once it's soaked in & a fresh natural smell reassures me that the product contains no nasty ingredients! Whilst using this moisturiser my foundation has applied really well over the top & although I can't see any physical changes in my skin at least I am now helping to reduce any future skin damage.

What products do you use to protect your skin?

L x

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  1. This sounds like the perfect product! great review xx


  2. I love balance me, but have only tried the samples received with magazines.

    This product sounds amazing, and so nice for them to send it you! :)

    meimei xx,uk

  3. Never heard of balance me before will definitely look them up. Great that it has a high spf rate altbough I am naturally olive skinned I think it is sooo important to protect your skin.
    jen x

  4. I love Balance Me products, I fell in love after I tried a magazine freebie haha! Haven't tried this one yet though, but think I may have too!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers