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breton stripes & denim

Denim Jacket - Topshop
Stripey Top - Topshop
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Midi Ring - Topshop
Nail Polish - Rimmel 'Peppermint'

I admit defeat. I can honestly say I really admire fashion bloggers who stand in front of their camera everyday & manage to take good quality photos that they are happy with. I dunno how you do it guys! I absolutely love sharing outfits on my blog, I always get a good response & it breaks it up from just having a constant stream of beauty posts. However I really suck at outfit photos & I can't pose at all!! Practice makes perfect hmm... we shall see haha! I don't actually want to give up completely but I think it is time to invest in a better camera & a tripod, unless anyone has any tips? I currently balance my old compact camera on top of a stack of boxes on my sofa & run back & forward to put it on self timer... not ideal!

Anyway, onto the outfit! I'm wearing a Topshop Breton Stripe top which is actually meant to be a dress but it shrunk by a ridiculous amount so now it has to be worn with leggings, which I'm really gutted about but I still love it. My denim jacket is also from Topshop, I originally wanted a Levis but opted for this instead as I really liked the fit on me & the shearling inside it. Even though it's summer it's hardly ever THAT warm in the UK so I don't really mind the shearling & I always feel the cold anyway so extra layers are always good. My shoes are brown loafers from good old Primark, they're actually surprisingly comfy considering how cheap they are. They are looking a little worse for wear now but I have worn them loads! I always tend to wear this outfit when I'm going shopping or for a day out as it's super comfy & casual. Finally, an outfit post wouldn't be an outfit post from me without Tilly pug gatecrashing & having a little pose too. She's wearing a floral pink harness from eBay aha.

L x

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  1. love the top so much!
    cute little tilly pug xxx


  2. I always struggle with taking outfit shots as well, I have no idea how some people make them look so professional, without getting someone else to take the picture!
    I really love your outfit, and your pug is so cute x

  3. You look great, love the outfit x

  4. Dear, your blog is amazing! i’m impressed by your design & photos!
    everything is magnificent!

    would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog)

  5. You look great! I love the stripey top and the jacket. I have the same problem when taking ootd post pictures, I never know how to stand and I REALLY need to get a tripod. I always place my camera on the windowsill with a can of hairspray under the lens to prop it up - so glamorous haha :)

    Fiona @

  6. So pretty, I love your little jacket x

  7. Such a pretty outfit! I've tried to take OOTD photos before but never managed to do it right!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  8. Love this outfit! I've literally worn one exactly like this so many times before, so simple but it looks great! Monochrome stripes and denim are a match made in heaven x

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Love this outfit, I need a denim jacket like that haha! X

  10. I love stripe tops too! So chic. And Tilly is super cute x

  11. I hear ya with this one, The amount of times I have tried to get a good outfit photo is unreal, especially indoors. I have recently started taking pics outside for practice (trying to use a camera and tripod is not the easiest thing) its much better for getting good bright photographs. I just need to buy a remote now to save me from the classic back and forth camera dash! Love your blog btw :)

  12. I love this outfit, it's simple but it just goes!
    Water Painted Dreams xo