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Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser* - £9.00
Throughout my teenager years I was always very lucky with my skin & rarely had any spots or breakouts however I've started to get quite oily skin around my T-Zone so when Escentual offered bloggers the opportunity to try out Eucerin's DermoPurifyer Cleanser I thought I would give it a go. Escentual were also kind enough to send a goodie bag filled with lots of samples from Eucerin & I'm loving both the Even Brighter Day & Night creams. 

The cleanser is a clear gel consistency which lathers up in to a foam when you rub it into your skin. I tend to rub it in for a couple of minutes then rinse it away with a warm cloth. Surprisingly my skin isn't left feeling tight or dried out, something that I usually find after using foaming cleansers. Instead my skin feels soft & squeaky clean, it's a really refreshing feeling. It's gentle but still effective at removing dirt & oily residue left over from my makeup, I can see quite a difference in the level of oil around my nose area after using it. I have to say I noticed that my breakouts have been minimal over the last couple of weeks, I often get sore under the skin spots around my nose & chin but I only seem to have had the odd one recently. I think the packaging is rather clinical looking, however thats really the only fault I can find with this product & it's not really a major issue. Escentual currently have a 1/3 off French Pharmacy Brands, which means you can pick up this cleanser for only £6! 

L x

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  1. That's a useful tip. I generally don't use cleansers as they make my skin feel dry and tight, so ... :)

  2. Oh I will try it! I don't use foaming cleansers because they leave my skin feeling tight and dry!

  3. Sounds nice - will have to look into it! Never heard of this brand so always nice to find a new one :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte