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i went shopping...

 This purple & blue floral blouse caught my eye straight away, I spotted it hanging on one of the rails & instantly had loads of outfit ideas running through my head! I've been after some nice tops for ages, I feel like all I wear is stripey breton tops or plain jumpers & whilst there is nothing wrong with either of those I just needed something a bit prettier to wear! I can't wait to wear it with my Levi denim shorts for a casual Summer look but I also want to pair it with my pleater A-Line skirt for a more 'sophisticated' style - I don't do sophisticated but I have an outfit idea in my head which looks good so I hope it looks okay in reality too, haha!
Even though above I have literally just written that I seem to always wear jumpers, I ended up buying another! I've developed an obsessed with white clothing, (probably not a good idea when I have a dog but nevermind!), & this was in the sale for only £12. I tried it on in the fitting room & really liked the slouchy fit to it & it actually looked good with the floral shorts pictured below, although I'm sure I'd probably get a few funny looks for sporting a jumper & shorts combo! 

How pretty are these floaty floral shorts! At first I thought omg cute but they will look awful on me, however I still tried them on & I'm so glad I did! After reading llymlrs style post I felt inspired to try something on that I wouldn't normally bother with in fear of it making me look silly. 
All from Primark
Lets just take a moment to appreciate my bargain baby pink bag... £8! I'd seen a similar one in River Island for over £30 so when I spotted this little one in Primark I didn't even give it a second thought & I'm seriously regretting not picking up the mint coloured one now! 
Somehow I've been on a bit of a shopping spree over the past few weeks, not sure what happened as it's pretty rare for me to splurge on quite a few things all at once! Considering I'm on a saving mission too it's not very good, but oh well I needed some pretty clothes to add to my Summer wardrobe. I managed to find some cute accessories in Primark too, it can be quite hit & miss in my opinion but I could have gone crazy on all the floral crowns, pastel handbags & doggy related items! 
What is your favourite item from my haul?
L x

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  1. haha love the look of this purse... I must buy one too... it is so cute

  2. what a lovely shopping trip. I am loving that pirse and flower crowns. I am a bit addicted to flower crowns at the moment x

  3. Posts like this always catch my eye! And then they make me need to go on a little shopping trip myself! I love the shorts, perfect for summer!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic

  4. Love the blue top so girly and pretty!

  5. You got some really lovely stuff. I really want that coin purse!!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. Great picks! The first top is really pretty and summery and I love that cute Primark purse! :)

  7. That baby pink bag is gorgeous!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  8. Everything is so lovely! Might pop in Primarni tomorrow! ;) x