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clinique freebies with glamour magazine

You probably already know, but just in case you've not heard this is a little heads up post. This month Glamour Magazine have teamed up with Clinique providing 4 samples to choose from. I've been on the hunt for the magazine for a couple of days now (it came out on the 7th July) & finally tracked it down in Tesco yesterday. The magazines that were left all had the same sample, the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion which I'm happy with but I'm dying to get my hands on the two chubby stick minis! The four products that are available to choose from (if you're lucky enough to come across the whole sample range anyway!) are: 
Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
High Impact Mascara
Woppin' Watermelon Chubby Stick
Seriously Strawberry Chubby Stick
For £2 it's such a bargain to be able to try out some Clinique makeup, I'm just gutted I can't locate the chubby sticks, has anyone else had any luck!? I keep popping into my local newsagents & the owner is really confused as his usual delivery of Glamour magazines just hasn't arrived this month!
L x

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  1. I buy mags just for the freebies these days! Didn't know glamour was clinique this month, thanks!

  2. Nothing beats a really good freebie like this one and for the bargain price of £2 - awesome. I love Glamour mag

    Laura x

  3. I just got this yesterday at WH Smiths and managed to snare the last Watermelon Chubby Stick. What a bargain for £2, I know it's not full sized but those are £17 so I will cope. Had to hunt through a few shops for it, there is definitely much more of the moisturiser about. Haven't even bothered to look at the magazine at all!

  4. I've been hunting around so much for the chubby sticks too haha! Let me know if you manage to find any! I do love the moisturizer though, it does wonders for my skin!


  5. oooh this is great!! i'll have to keep my eyes peeled! i love glamour!

  6. wish you luck on your hunt!!

  7. I can't find them bugger's anywhere keep finding the lotion and mascara haha xx

  8. I can't find the Chubby Sticks, and I've been to three separate cities!

  9. I have been to every service station WH Smith between junctions 21 and London in the last week, as well as two Tescos...and I cannot find a Chubby Stick! Argh!

  10. I love the freebies this month, I thankfully managed to get both Chubby Sticks and the moisturiser.
    I hope you manage to find some Chubby Sticks.
    Here's some other things I got from magazines this month too:

  11. I thankfully managed to get both Chubby Sticks and the moisturiser. I hope you manage to find the Chubby Sticks.
    Here's some other freebies I got with magazines this month:

  12. The cream is perfect! A life saver for my skin!! great post Laura :)

    Kemples xx

  13. Tilly is so cute :) loved your black shoes.


  14. I stumbled across all 4 yesterday I nearly squealed with excitement! But only bought 1 of the chubby stick and the other 3. Such a bargain! Hope you manage to find the chubbys! :)

    Vicky x

  15. I will have to try and pick this up! I recently picked up Cosmo and got a CID cosmetics mascara which I'm loving!


  16. I've been looking for weeks for a chubby stick and I've yet to find one! not interested in the mascara or moisturiser!

    Jade x
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