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home decor ideas // the bedroom

You may or may not know that I'm currently living back at home with my Mum after over a year of living with Dom in our own little flat. We ended up moving back to the North after being based down South for a few reasons, not only because Dom landed himself an amazing new job (super proud gf!), but we wanted to be closer to our family & friends again, plus it's much cheaper up here so we can get more for our money in terms of property! Living at home with parents again after being independent is so hard, I actually can't cope haha so I've been distracting myself by dreaming about how I want to decorate our house & I've become addicted to Pinterest again! The aim is to have our own house by Christmas, so fingers crossed it works out well but for now I'll continue to develop my obsession for Pinterest & endlessly scroll through Right Move looking for a perfect place to live!

I'm torn between going for a completely Shabby Chic style room with french furniture & lots of florals everywhere or to keep it quite simple & chic. In an ideal world I'd love our first house to have lots of character such as little old fireplaces in the bedrooms, victorian floor tiles & big bay windows so that I can keep the decor to a minimum & let the original features do the talking! I know that I want the bedroom to be mostly white, to keep it looking crisp & clean but I want to inject colour with accessories & perhaps even a piece of furniture that can be a focal point if I find the right item. The main reason I want the room to be white, e.g the walls & flooring is because I want the room to be filled with as much natural light as possible. The flat we lived in was quite dull because of the paintwork being green & magnolia (not my choice), along with huge heavy furniture that blocked out light it felt quite closed in & I found it would make me want to stay in bed longer. There's nothing nicer than waking up to an airy fresh looking room, I feel like it would put me in a better mood for the day. 

What would your dream bedroom be like?
L x

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  1. This is very cute
    I would love to follow each other ... if thats not too cheeky

  2. oh they all look like lovely bedrooms! love the second picture with the florals.


  3. Love this post. I'm in the middle of doing up my bedroom! x

    Lizzie's Corner

  4. Yes I love the blue shabby chic style!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  5. Wow, that's my perfect bedroom right there! Thanks for sharing Laura. Came across your blog on the FBL Facebook page and love it. Looking forward to more posts soon. Ellie xx

  6. We've been living with my boyfriends family for a year whilst we bought our home, we're still decorating and it's so hard not having our independence!


  7. I love home decor, just love beautiful places. x

  8. I loved this post! I'm very into interior at the moment and I'm always on the hunt for new inspiration :)