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pug life #6

 Such a baby face, always has to chew her favourite toy!
Lazy pug refusing to walk back to the car after a trip to the lake!
 I always find her on my bed/pillow if she disappears!
She loves to be tucked up in bed, little baby.
 Standing in the field watching the birdies, she's obsessed with them.
She's such a squidge, look how adorable she is in her onesie!!
Being a monkey & stealing my pillow

If anyone ever scrolled through my iPhone or photo collection on iPhoto they'd literally be scrolling through 1000's of photos of Tilly. I take so many photos of her as often as I can because every little thing she does is adorable & she really is the cutest. She might be a tiny terror but she's instantly forgiven when she looks over at me all innocently! It's crazy how much Dom & I love her, she is our fur baby & we couldn't imagine our lives without her now. I always said I'd never be one of those people obsessed with their dog but as soon as Tilly came in to my life I totally understood why people love their dogs so much haha. I'll try do these Tilly posts more often, I absolutely love rediscovering old photos of her & remembering how tiny she was! 
L x

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  1. Aw we have a furbaby too, Wilma! How old is Tilly?
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  2. SO cute! I love spending time with my friend's pug, even if he does give up half way round on a walk!

  3. AH THE ONESIE! i'm in love!

  4. She is just the absolute cutest x

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! xx

  6. I'm the same way I'm pretty sure that 90% of photos on my iPhone are that of my cats ! Tilly (love that name) looks like a sweet heart.