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wednesday wishlist #24

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I saw the lace dress in Topshop but in pink a few months ago & fell in love with it but I've just seen the mint version & love it even more! I've got to find a dress to wear to Dom's Nans 80th Birthday so I'm gonna have to go try this on & see how it looks. 

The Zoeva Rose Gold Makeup Brushes are probably the prettiest makeup tools I've ever laid my eyes on. I haven't really experimented with any other brush brands apart from Real Techniques & MAC so it would be good to give this a go!

As much as I love my Micheal Kors watch I'd really like to have something less bulky to wear each day. Kate Spade watches are so dainty & simple but still look so beautiful with the mother of pearl, gold plated hardware & leather strap.

I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs Fragrances & have two in my perfume collection already (Daisy & Honey), they're always so fresh & girly but never too overpowering. Daisy Dream has got to the prettiest packaged perfume I've ever seen. I managed to smell it in Boots the other day & it's safe to say I've made a mental note to get this as my next scent!

Hannah Maggs has become one of my favourite YouTubers, her baby boy Grayson is adorable & I really enjoy seeing what her little family get up to on a weekly basis. Hannah has just launched her very own line of liberty print makeup bags which are all absolutely lovely. I'm gutted I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on 'The Grayson' design! It's also so sweet how each makeup bag has been given a name that represents something about Hannah's life & the descriptions about them are so beautifully worded. 'The Little Moments' design is all devoted to the little things in life which often pass us by without a thought, which also made me think about a related post I published last week!

Whats on your wishlist atm?

L x

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  1. I really want the Daisy Dream perfume too!! It looks so pretty :') x

  2. The watch is lovely and the make up brushes look really good quality.

  3. I think all these items are now on my wishlist :') Really love the daisy dream perfume and anything by kate spade is dreamy!!
    Love Lucinda xx

  4. This is such a beautiful wishlist! I've had my eye on that Topshop dress for ages, and picked up Daisy Dream at the weekend, it's gorgeous.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  5. Ohh that watch is so beautiful! <3 xx

  6. Amazing wishlist, I want everything!! but I especially love the topshop dress and the make-up bag - the liberty print is so pretty! :)

    Millie x

  7. The Topshop dress is just divine, utter perfection x

  8. daisy dream is so so pretty! i love the bottle too! need everything on this list! :)

  9. DYING to try the new Daisy - it's my signature scent so I can't wait to get my hands on it! That's definitely on my wishlist. Love all your picks :) the watch as well is gorgeous!

    Eve and Faye x
    The Sugar Spun Sisters | A blog about clothes, cosmetics & coeliac disease

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  10. such gorgeous packaging!

  11. What an amazing wishlist! All gorgeous picks :) How beautiful are Hannah's bags?! x

    lillies and lipbalm

  12. A gorgeous wish list! I've been eyeing up watches for the past month and I honestly cannot decide which one I want. There are far too many beauties! Also love the look of those makeup brushes!

    Peach Pow XO

  13. I need to get my hands on the brushes!


  14. I love the look of those Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes, they look so pretty :-)

    Christine, x