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a white obsession

I bought this white skater dress from Miss Selfridge, it was in the sale for only £9 & when I tried it on it fit perfectly so I couldn't leave it behind. I'm yet to wear it out yet because I'm scared I'll ruin it!
White nails have been the new blogger thing to do recently & it's a trend I've been loving. I've been using Model Own's Snow White, it's £5 a bottle but I picked it up in their 50% off sale back in January. I only ever need to apply two coats & it's completely opaque, I thought it was going to be difficult to get a polish that would achieve a solid block of white as it can be such a transparent shade.
p.s please ignore my messy paint job, it was a few days old & looking a bit worse for wear when I took these photos!
I was sent this blazer from Quiz & I'm so glad I chose this! I ummed & ahhed over it for ages thinking I'd never wear it & that it wouldn't suit me but I have been pairing it with summery dresses or jeans with a colourful top. I don't think the photo does it any justice so I'll try get some photos of it in an outfit post soon! Quiz also do this waterfall blazer in loads of other colours if white isn't your thing! (:

I never thought I'd be a fan of white clothing & white nails used to creep me out (I am weird!) but there's something about the colour white which has got me hooked at the moment! 

Have you got any white items in your wardrobe?

L x

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  1. I don't trust myself in white but I am kind of obsessed! x

  2. Aw so lovely! Looks so fresh and clean :) x

  3. I love that white dress! Recently painted my nails white, the colour just emphasises a tan nicely x

  4. Like Laura, I don't really trust myself in white but I did treat myself to a gorgeous white skater dress the other day :)

  5. I think I can count how many white items I have, I am like you scared to ruin it but it's do pretty when dressed nice and looks real clean and smart x

  6. I just bought a white t-shirt over the weekend if that counts...!! I also remember when kids in my middle school used to think it was cool to paint their nails with whiteout haha oh back in the day ;)
    Really like the drapey-ness of the blazer you got! One of the nice things about white is that it can go with so much which is awesome for the summertime!

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

  7. Definitely going to try that nail polish! I've painted my nails white once or twice before, but it was always such a pain because it took at least 5 coats before it stopped looking transparent... which you can imagine was a pain so I never did it again haha. I love white clothing too, because you can always add a splash of colour with accessories ♥ Lovely blog x

    Holly |

  8. I'm not a fan of white but I gotta admit that white is the new black x

  9. that is such a beautiful dress! xx Tilsie (

  10. I love that dress and I having white nails! I love wearing white lace especially, it's so summery!
    Em x