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Last week Dom & I celebrated our six year anniversary together, I prepared a huge feast of our favourite foods & he greeted me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers when he arrived home from work. We kept the celebrations minimal & simple because sometimes just spending time with one another is all that matters, huge gifts & spending silly amounts of money isn't really something we are into at the moment & actually I'm happier than ever living this way! Thats not to say we don't like to treat each other with gifts & fancy dinner dates in nice restaurants but we don't get to spend a lot of time together at the moment so having time together is much more appreciated. 
I received this huge Sweet Cupcake* scented candle from Jewel Candle & I've been obsessed with lighting it at every available opportunity. Saying that though it's quite a rarity for me to have a chance to have a candle lit at all with being here, there & everywhere at the moment! The candle contains a piece of Jewellery which becomes visible when you've burnt it for long enough, so hopefully I'll be able to see what is hidden in my candle soon. I'll be sure to report back on what I find inside! If you'd like to purchase one of these candles for yourself or as a gift make sure you use my discount code 'loulabeth20' valid on all Jewel Candle orders! There are so many different scents available, I've got my eye on the Watermelon one next! 
On Friday, Tilly & I hopped on a train to Liverpool to meet Dom after work so he didn't have to do the long drive home on his own! He has a long commute each day & I had a full day off so I thought I'd pop along & keep him company for his journey, it might seem silly but it was a nice surprise for Dom & we took the opportunity to go drive around some potential areas that we may move to! I snapped this photo of Tilly barking her head off at the other cars, I think it's hilarious she's such a sassy little thing! Tilly comes everywhere possible with me, I love that she's allowed on trains & will sit on my knee watching the world go by. She gets so excited exploring places she's never been too, her curly tail is constantly wagging & her pug hop is the cutest when she's trying to get somewhere quickly! 
L x

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  1. Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Congratulations on your anniversary. That candle looks amazing and Tilly is so adorable xx

  2. I love the idea of finding a jewel after you've burnt down a candle! My husband has to catch the bus home (always late, usually raining) so if I get the chance to pick him up in the car I always make the effort. It's the little things in life that make a relationship.

  3. Happy anniversary! The jewel candle looks so lush I love the idea of these xx

  4. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy27 August 2014 at 18:27

    Happy Anniversary. Your pug is so adorable. I really want one.

  5. Happy anniversary! That candle looks amazing - I love big candles, and the idea of having jewellery inside is a really unique one :)

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  6. I really love the idea of their being jewellery in the candle, it would definitely be motivation to finish them off!

  7. Happy anniversary! It's lovely that you went to keep Dom company on his journey home! My husband comes to meet me from work a lot so that we can come home together - it makes such a difference!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog