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august favourites

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Another month has come to an end meaning another monthly favourites post is due! With a lot of my beauty products still stuck in boxes (the joys of going from living in my own flat to being back in my old room at my parents!) I've been limited to a certain selection of items until we move again & I have space to store everything properly. When I packed up the flat I made sure I kept my most loved products in a separate box from my stash of all things beauty to try & make my life a little easier. 

One product I knew I absolutely couldn't live without was the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. Whenever I'm feeling unhappy with my skin I always use it to perk up my complexion, it illuminates my skin in all the right place & is everything I look for in a base product. The next two products are both from MAC, Satin Taupe Eyeshadow & the 217 Blending Brush, together these two are a dream duo. Satin Taupe is a shade that really compliments my eye colour, I find it wearable for everyday as a wash of colour all over my lids but I also like using it to create a smokey eye look too. The 217 is a tool every girl needs in their brush collection, I don't know how I ever applied eyeshadow without it, all I know is it must have looked an absolute mess! It's pricey, but so so worth it! I never really stay loyal to a mascara, until Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast Mascara made it's way into my life a couple of Christmas's ago. I usually pick up whatever is on offer but I've really noticed a difference whenever I've used this one. It defines my eyelashes without the effort of having to apply layers upon layers & it doesn't flake or crumble away during the day either. Another Soap & Glory product has made it's way into my favourites this month, the Scrub Of Your Life, the reason I like this so much is because not only does it exfoliate my skin really well, I find it very convenient! Most scrubs are stored in a pot with a screw lid & I find it annoying to use them in the shower as they fill up with water so easily. I like that I can simply squirt a blob of this out & scrub it all over my legs etc without having to try put a lid back & worry about water getting in & ruining the product! My final favourite is the EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm which my lovely friend Abi gave me when she came to stay at my flat in June! I have 100's of lip balms (not literally but you know what I mean!) & I'm forever chucking different ones into my handbag & changing them about but this one has found itself stuck in my handbag makeup bag. The best thing about it is the flavour, it tastes exactly like Sherbet Lemon sweeties & the taste actually stays on your lips for quite a while! I want to pick up the Sweet Mint flavour next time, I saw them displayed in Selfridges the other week & had to resist buying them all simply because I thought they looked so cute next to each other!

What are your August favourites?

L x 

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  1. ooh will have to try that mascara!

  2. I recently got a minty eos lip balm, i love it!xo

  3. Lovely post! That EOS lip balm is the absolute bomb and I love it to death! Be careful not to leave it anywhere hot though - my first one died a messy death when I left my handbag in a patch of sunlight in a cafe. Lipbalm-covered EVERYTHING was not a great look!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  4. I want to try EOS lip balms so badly! The mascara sounds lovely x

    The Sunday Chapter

  5. Lovely bunch of favourites! I need to try that mascara!