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little things

In July I wrote a post focusing on those moments that are usually forgotten about as quick as they happened & I had such a lovely response with so many of you agreeing with me! It helped me to feel much more positive about my life, things aren't ideal at the moment & I think it's really important to be able to recognise the nice bits of your day/week/month. It's so easy to get caught up in life itself that often the 'little things' go unnoticed or the memories get lost in everything else thats going on. Taking time to document a few things every now & again is a positive experience that I'm keen to continue with!

- Catching the train to Liverpool with Tilly pug to meet Dom after work so he didn't have the long drive home by himself for once!
- Having my nails done professionally, for the first time in well over a year.
- When Tilly buried her head into my shoulder for a cuddle & refused to move I pretty much died from a cute overload!
- Talking to Dom about our future & feeling incredibly excited
- Sitting in Starbucks with my Sister typing up blog posts
- Overcoming my fear of meeting new people & attending my first blogger event, perhaps this isn't really a little thing but I thought it was worth mentioning as I felt kinda proud of myself!
- Driving through the countryside, with my favourite songs blasting & the sun shining
- Taking my baby Sister to Lush to pick out some bath bombs for her birthday
- Helping Doms mum prepare the evening meals whilst Doms dad is away (:
- Reminiscing about the time I lived in London & all the amazing places I explored!

L x

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  1. The little things make a big difference!

  2. I have to agree about it being the little things, rather than those grand gestures or major events.


  3. You're so right. We often do lose sight of the small things in life and we shouldn't as they can and do make a difference to our happiness. Sit back and take stock, quite! Tx

  4. I agree about driving with music and the sunshine!

  5. The little things make the biggest difference. Hope you're okay. x

    Lizzie's Corner

  6. Lovely post & gorgeous photos :)
    Hope things pick up a bit soon!

    Laura | Laurzrah