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makeup revolution ultra 32 shade eyeshadow palette 'flawless'

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Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette FLAWLESS* - £8.00
Applying eyeshadow has become the favourite part of my makeup routine, experimenting with different colours & techniques is my idea of fun, I'm no expert but I've been playing around & seeing what looks I can achieve. I've recently been using the Flawless palette from Makeup Revolution, a brand I have quickly fallen in love with after trying out a few of their products! The palette contains 32 eyeshadow shades, ranging from both shimmer & matte finishes, I'd describe it as a neutral palette with a bit of a twist, the seasonal shades such as the berry & olive colours & the midnight blue shade compliment the more 'typical' neutrals so well. The shadows are housed in a sleek glossy, black palette that contains a large mirror inside, a handy extra especially when you travel around lots like me! For the price of the palette I expected the pigmentation to be pretty average, however I was pleasantly surprised when I first swatched them to find they were extremely pigmented from just one touch. They apply & blend as well as a high end eyeshadow would, making them a joy to use. Theres none of that chalky feeling or dragging across the lids & theres only minimal fall out too.
The palette is filled with lots of beautiful bronzes & shimmery golden shades. I love a good neutrals palette & this one is no exception. I've been using a variety of the shimmery shades daily to create my usual eye makeup, there are so many to choose from I've been switching it up & trying out new colours each time. 
Some of the shades in the palette are perfect Autumnal colours which I'm looking forward to wearing. The two berry shades are stunning & actually reminded me of MAC's Cranberry Eyeshadow which I'd been considering buying for A/W so I'm glad I've got a much cheaper alternative to use instead! The Olive shade is also a great colour for the Autumn months & I can imagine it really suiting my hazel eyes. With so many shades to choose from there is definitely plenty of options for all skin tones & eye colours, I certainly feel spoilt for choice each time I open the palette! If you're looking to add an eyeshadow palette into your life then I cant recommend this one enough!

I've also done an introduction to Makeup Revolution post which can be found here & I've reviewed the super pretty Blush & Contour Palette in Sugar & Spice here! Let me know what you think of this palette? Will you be picking up this palette anytime soon?
L x 

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  1. Such pretty autumnal colours, I love how they has a slight shimmer too!

  2. I just got my first Makeup Revolution palette and as far as I can tell it is amazing! This one is so so beautiful I think it will be my next purchase of the brand :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  3. These shades are so stunning and I can't believe the pigmentation!

  4. These are stunning!! Right this palette is a MUST for Autumn *trots off to purchase*

    Kay xxx

  5. This palette looks absolutely stunning! And surprisingly this palette looks like one of the best from Makeup Revolution, I find that many of there products just do swatch well when I have read other reviews!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Bloglovin'

  6. I'm also a new follower :)

    Find me here and follow back (if you want, would make me happy! :D)

  7. Such amazing pretty colours! Love it!