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Moroccanoil Repair and Style Travel Pack* - £31.85
Mini versions of my favourite products are one of my weaknesses, I love how cute they are & the fact that I can pop them in my bag without having to worry about space issues takes the stress out of travelling slightly! 

Moroccanoil Oil is an essential in my haircare routine, it's really helped get my hair back into a reasonably healthy condition & I couldn't live without it now. Having a miniature bottle of it is ideal for someone like me who currently lives between 3 different houses, I always have a bag packed & it's nice to know I can carry around my favourite haircare items. I've used the Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner in the past, they're such a treat but I can always see a difference when I use them to wash my hair. The Moisture Repair range is formulated to infuse your hair with argan oil, fatty acids, keratin & other nutrients to restore your hairs health & leave it soft, shiny & full of volume. The mini can of hairspray not only holds hair in place it also enhances the shine, so my hair looks healthy! The formula is really light weight so it doesn't create that awful sticky & crispy feeling but still holds the style in place. I'm forever chucking this little can of hairspray into my handbag whenever I'm off out for the day, it's one of the handbag essentials!

This little travel set is the perfect bundle of Moroccanoil products to pack in your suitcase if you're jetting off anywhere, or if you're just like me & travel around a lot! It's also ideal if you haven't tried anything from Moroccanoil before & want to test out a couple of things before splurging on the full sized product!
Have you tried anything from Moroccanoil?

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  1. Sounds like the perfect combo for the beach - especially with salty hair! You and I have the same weakness though - I cannot even count the number of travel-sized things I have right now!

  2. Sounds like a great product will defiantly have to try it out:

  3. I've been using a low-end argan oil recently and I'd love to move up to the Moroccanoil treatment instead. Looks great xo

  4. Oooh these would be so handy for holiday!