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my week in photos #24

My pretty new dress from - the girls who run this online shop are complete babes & they sell the cutest clothes - go check 'em out!
The blogger spa day itinerary & the cutest party ring cupcake which was delish!
Little Tilly pug has been quite poorly this week & has been clinging to me like a baby, sometimes I forget she's a dog!

This week has been one of those strange ones, where one day you feel insanely happy & the next you revert to your old emo kid self. Lets not dwell on the sad stuff too much though, I'm all about trying to promote positive mental attitude even through the tough times! One highlight of my week was attending my first ever blogger event in Manchester on Wednesday. I was invited to go along to Hale Country Day Spa for a day of relaxation, pampering & getting an exclusive look at South Beach's newest collection! I'm going to do a full type up of the day really soon, but one thing I will say to any of you bloggers out there who are umming & ahhing over going to a blogger event, is to just go for it! I'm no good with meeting new people, my shyness overcomes me in the most severe amount & my anxiety drains my confidence but I decided to power through those feelings & face my fear. And I'm so glad I did! I also got to see some of my family for the first time in ages, literally it's been at least a year & it was the best, I don't think I've ever laughed so much! It really made me realise how fab my family are & that I definitely need to spend more time with them (:

How's your week been?

L x

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  1. It sounds like a great week, apart from the emo bit. The pampering sounds lovely.
    I love your deer top too x

  2. love it


  3. Great post :) I'm in love with the print of the dress xx

  4. I know what you mean about anxiety over meeting new people - all the bloggers I've meet at these types of events have been lovely though. The more often you meet new people, the easier it gets :)
    I love the deer print! Heading straight over there...
    Tara at Headline Beauty xox

  5. Oh my goodness, a party ring cupcake? Looks delicious