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pug life #8

Little Tilly pug has been quite a poorly pup this week. Unfortunately she has had an eye ulcer which has caused her a lot of pain so she had to be sedated at the vets for them to properly examine it & check there were no underlying issues. Thankfully it's only a really small ulcer & today we got the good news that it's healing really well! I've been spending my mornings off work snuggling her on the sofa & ensuring she has everything she wants, including allowing her to eat her din dins on the sofa on my knee! After her sedation she was so so sooo sleepy & confused, it was kinda cute but I felt so sorry for her! She's had some of her fur shaved off her neck & her front leg too, bless her but hopefully it will grow back quickly. It was heartbreaking having to leave her behind at the vets on Monday morning, I'm such an overprotective puppy mummy, anyone who has a dog will know what I mean though! She's back to her usual self now, being a complete madam & running riot round the house but I am so glad I've got my little hyper Tilly pug back! 
She's been playing with her "Uncle Cloud" the Husky today, it's hilarious seeing them together because of the size difference but they love each other so much! 

L x

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  1. Poor Tilly! :(


  2. Aaww bless, I'm glad she's feeling better now! xx

  3. Shes so cute! I cant wait to have a pug! x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  4. Too cute! Tilly is adorable x