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Suddenly feeling really Christmassy after seeing/smelling the Festive Scented Yankee Candles!
Enjoying a Toffee Nut Latte that was almost as big as my face in Costa!
Being organised & "sofa shopping" - so hard to choose!

Sundays are a day for relaxing before a busy week at work for most people, but with my job being in retail it's very rare that I'm actually at home. Today was one of those weekends were I was lucky enough to have the whole day off, so I took advantage & had a little day out with Dom! Firstly we had breakfast in bed, which isn't always the easiest with a greedy pug around but she kept quiet when we treated her to a few little pieces of bacon! Then we headed into town to pick up a few things, but mostly I wanted to see all the Lush Christmas stuff in store. Possibly did a bit of damage to my bank balance in there.. oops... haul anyone!? We also went on a hunt for a Halloween costume for Tilly as she has a party to go to, she genuinely has more of a social life than me haha! Oh & I had a go at vlogging today, I can't believe how easy YouTubers make it seem! I definitely need more practice, but it was pretty fun so I'm not gonna give up just yet (:

Another bit of news to share with you all & the reason for a serious lack of blog posts is that I've started uni again. I managed to sort out a transfer so I'm kinda busy with uni, plus house hunting & general lifey things that I've ended up neglecting my blog more than I meant to! I've already got a tonne of uni work to get through, but I'm really really going to try & get some sort of blogging schedule in place, I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday for new posts? 

Hows your Sunday been!?

L x

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  1. Great post, i love yankee candles especially cinnamon stick its so christmassy! Love lazy sundays. Iv just done my top 10 beauty tag x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. That Yankee candle sounds lovely!


  3. I need a toffee nut latte in my life - and I may have purchased my first of this season's Christmas candles a few weeks ago ;) Yes to the haul! xx

  4. Reading sunday posts always makes me feel cosy! Those couches are so stunning, I love the grey colour.

  5. I absolutely love Yankee candles! I'm currently using the sweet apple one and it smells great.
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  6. aaahh i can't escape all this lush christmas talk, can't wait to visit a store & see/smell it all for myself!

    becky ::

  7. Toffee nut latte's are SO good! <3 xx