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alchemy grapefruit hair remedy oil

I'm a huge fan of hair oils, I've tried various different ones & now I can't wash my hair without applying an oil to the ends afterwards! Just incase you don't know, I have thick, frizzy hair which is quite honestly the bane of my life. I am forever asking the hairdresser to thin it out instead of chopping layers in here, there & everywhere but she says I'd miss having the volume. I can assure I wouldn't! Every time I see a photo of myself my hair looks so thick around my face, it's too heavy around the top & the ends look too blunt... why do hairdressers never listen!? Anyway, I've gone off an a whole different topic, I'll save the rest for a future post maybe!

Without using a hair oil my hair would be frizz central, so I reach for whatever bottle (I have a few!) I have nearest to me which has recently been the Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy*. It's stored in a vintage style small glass bottle with a wooden stopper top, once the top is removed the fruity scent of Grapefruit hits you. It's a very fresh, fruity, citrusy sweet scent which I love! Removing the oil from the bottle is a bit of a tricky task as you risk it spilling everywhere so I've been dipping my finger tips in whilst it's still quite full. A tiny amount goes quite far, I rub it throughout the ends & smooth over my layers that tend to flick out & leave my hair to absorb it for a few minutes before straightening. One of my main concerns when it comes to using hair oil is the worry it might make my hair look greasy but I can confirm theres no grease in sight! I'm always careful to apply oils though but you really do only need a small amount with this one. The product contains Coconut, Avocado, Almond & Castor oils & as soon as I saw it had Coconut oil I knew it would be good! My hair feels much healthier after I use it, it's very dry & needs a lot of nourishment which this oil provides & it also adds shine so my hair looks healthier too!

Do you like using hair oils?

L x

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  1. Wow, this sounds great! It would be interesting to see if it weighed down my hair. Do you think it's quite a "light" oil? I've got quite fine and flat hair, so find some oils can make it a bit heavy.

    Alicia (LissyBeauty)

    1. I don't think it would weigh your hair down :) x

  2. I never use oils - my hair is naturally oily and I always think this will make the problem worse - my hair is also the bane of my life!


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  4. I'm a big hair oil fan too, helps me to tame my thick and dry messy hair. Love the packaging on this one x

  5. Ooh this sounds lovely! I have really thick hair too (deceptively thick, my hairdressers always say because it's not till they start cutting it that they realise just how much there is and how long it will take!), and I have a few hair oils, but none have really taken me very much. But the design of this looks gorgeous and I bet it smells amazing too, so I can imagine I'd really like it!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  6. Sounds great! I used to cover my hair in olive oil for a couple of hours and it was so nourishing

  7. This looks interesting! Have you tried the organix hair care range? They have some good oils :) xxx

  8. Grapefruit oil antiseptic, antimicrobial activity, and also helps the lymphatic system. Very good chill rhinitis. Classy oil! Judy kisses


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  10. Such an useful post! Exactly whatI needed! Thank you! :)

    Blonde and Cupcakes.

  11. I need to try this, it looks great.

    Paige xx
    Skin & Roses