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5 things for 2015

In a couple of days we will see the start of a brand New Year & whilst I'm not one of those people to post a Facebook status claiming I'll be joining the gym etc etc I do think it's nice to focus on what you want the year ahead to bring.

Move into our own place (again!) - After moving back to the North for better job opportunities & to live close to our families we decided to move into our parents home for a few (few being the keyword here haha) months until we found a home that was perfect for us. Six months later we are still living at home, not the most ideal situation after having our own place & independence for 3 years, but we are determined to get a home we love. I'd hate to know how many hours of my life I've spent scrolling through Rightmove during this whole process though!

Carrying on blogging - I have an up/down relationship with my blog, I mostly love it until I compare it to others. That feeling of publishing a post after snapping away photos & stringing sentences together is a good one & thats what I need to remember. 

Travel more - Believe it or not, I didn't even leave the country once in 2014. I had plans to but then other things seemed to crop up & ideas always got pushed back, so I'm determined to make 2015 a year that I see more of the World. I'm one of those people that forever wishes rather than does & that really needs to change. A City I'd love to return to is Paris, but it would also be a dream to visit New York... I'm not sure that will happen during 2015 but one day! 

Use my creativity - I'm actually a really creative person however after years of studying Art & Design I've become lazy. I love crafting, making little gifts for people, baking sweet treats, that kinda thing but It's weird because I have all these ideas in my head & pinned on boards on Pinterest that make me feel excited yet I never get round to making time for them. Which leads me onto my next "thing" for 2015...
Do more of what makes me happy - Throughout 2014 I saw so many tweets quoting "Do more of what makes you happy" & I'd often think about "happiness" whilst being stuck at work & suddenly feel very panicked & trapped. Obviously I have to work because theres bills to pay & a pug to spoil but what I want to focus on during 2015 is taking time to switch off from those negative thoughts & have a bit more of a positive outlook on life. I have lots of happiness in my life & I just need to keep those happy things to the front of my mind instead of always letting the bad things pull me down. In 2014 I started to take note of the "little things" that go unnoticed so often, it's easy to get caught up in life so it's good to take a step back & see the light sometimes. 

I have a really good feeling about 2015 & can't wait to see what the future holds!

L x

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yves rocher beauty

Yves Rocher is a brand I've seen lots of bloggers rave about, yet I never got round to trying any products from them so it was a nice surprise being treated to a few beauty goodies from them! First up is the Flowerparty By Night perfume, contained in a midnight blue ombre bottle & adorned with a decorative flower shaped lid. With bitter almond essential oil, star anise and bourbon vanilla absolute extracts, it's a sweet, fruity & floral scented fragrance. The almond notes and spicy star anise are reminiscent of Christmas festive treats, fruit cake with its soft Marzipan & neat white icing. I've been wearing this throughout December, it's quickly become my go-to perfume, I'm a sucker for sweet scents! 

The Moisturising Cream Lipstick in the shade Rose is, to me, the perfect everyday shade. Rosy pink lipsticks are wearable at anytime of the year and whilst I usually opt for a red lip colour on Christmas Day this year I'll be sporting this pretty shade. Why? Because it's a shade I can get away with wearing whilst eating Christmas Dinner & not having to worry about lipstick stains all over my teeth and face!   The formula gets extra bonus points from me, it's a creamy texture that melts onto the lips that manages to provide moisture as well as perfect coverage in one application.

The final product I've been testing out from Yves Rocher is the Lash Plumping Mascara. I love a Mascara that I can wear for long periods of time without it smudging under my eyes, flaking away or clumping together. With it's volumizing abilities I did expect it to be thick & clumpy & whilst it is a thick formula it doesn't stick all my eyelashes together. A couple of coats of this mascara & my eyelashes look thicker & fuller without feeling crispy or heavy. 

Have you tried any products from Yves Rocher? What are your favourites?

L x

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festive photos

I always love seeing how people decorate their tree & their homes at Christmas so I've shared some of my decoration photos! Most of these are from last year when we lived in our flat, but if we had our own place this year the decor would have been exactly the same, so it still counts! (: We had a red & white theme but also included cute little extras like Gingerbread Men & festive Fawns. I also included a photo of Tilly with her Doggy advent calendar, she's so cute when I show it to her she wags her tail & then lies down as if to say "hurry up Mummy, I want my treat now!". I just had to buy her the advent calendar when I saw it in Pets at Home, the pug puppy caught my eye & reminded me of Tilly dressed up in the same outfit last year! This year we are off to another Pugmas party, I think we are dressing her up as a Christmas tree... I'm tempted to vlog the event, in fact we've got a pretty exciting weekend ahead so it would be good to document it all! Let me know if you'd like to see a vlog of the Pug party & I'll see what I can put together. I'm off to order more things for Tilly's costume now haha (:

Don't forget to enter my Lush giveaway here! (:
L x

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christmas wishlist | fashion edition

Lurex Crop Top - £22.00
Flower Printed Shorts - £34.00
MINE Leather Buckled Ankle Boots - £80.00
Whistles Black Irvington Stingray Clutch - £85.00

I've been meaning to treat myself to some new wardrobe staples recently, however with Christmas round the corner I thought it would be fun to put together a wishlist of some items I really love. I always find things, forget about them, then kick myself a few weeks later when I go to buy them & see they've sold out, anyone else do that!? I had to include something Pug related, this festive pug t-shirt is adorable! & I also had to include something really extravagant, a Mulberry Purse. It would be a dream to own a Mulberry purse, I chose the sparkly gold version for this to keep with the festive theme but in reality I'd probably opt for a black or brown one.
Whats on your Christmas wishlist this year?
Oh & don't forget to enter my Lush giveaway here! (:

L x

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christmas lush haul & giveaway!

Way back in October I headed into Lush as soon as they launched their Christmas range to browse the goodies & pick up a few treats. I always go a little bit overboard when it comes to Lush Christmas range, I mean I don't even have a bath of my own at the moment but I still bought bath products because I just couldn't resist! 

Starting off with the most colourful of the bunch, Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50 is a bath bomb that not only looks amazing, but smells amazing too. It fills the bathtub with the prettiest array of colours, it's like a rainbow exploded it's so much fun to watch it fizzing away & spilling out lots of different colours! I bought The Melting Snowman - £2.25 as a Christmas gift for Abi one year but never got round to buying myself one so I finally bought this lil guy when I attended the Preston Lush Blogger Event! It's a bath melt with a spicy fragrance which makes the bath water feel very soft which in turn leaves your skin feeling silky soft as it's filled with cocoa butter. Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £2.75 was one of my favourites last year so obviously I had to get it again this year! It smells kinda similar to Snow Fairy as it's quite sweet, the Lush website says it has the same fragrance as the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, another of my favourite Lush products, I'm a sucker for anything vanilla based! Candy Mountain fills the bath with lots of shimmery bubbles & a sweet scent, last year I had 4 huge bubble baths with my bar so it's pretty good value for money too! The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25 is new for 2014, it's not really got a festive scent it's quite floral with rose being one of it's main ingredients. I haven't actually used this yet but I can imagine the bubbles to be really soft as again it's filled with cocoa butter. Butterbear has to be the cutest bath bomb EVER! I love this lil bear so much, it's modelled on another of my favourites Butterball - £1.95 replicating it's vanilla fragrance & creamy cocoa butter bubble bath it nourishes & protects your skin. I bet you guys are sick of me mentioning Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £3.75 by now, but just incase you didn't know it's my most loved Lush product ever! I've done a full review here & mentioned it enough times on my blog so I'll leave it at that! So White - £3.50 is a pretty boring bath bomb on first impressions, however it's fruity fresh apple scent is what made me want to buy it. Once it starts to dissolve it surprises you by revealing a pretty pink centre! Cinders - £2.50 was the bath bomb we all got to make at the blogger event I mentioned earlier. It is probably the most festive scented product I've tried, a warm & spicy cinnamon fragrance with popping candy to give the effect of a crackling fire I'm going to save this one & use it on Christmas Eve! 

Now onto the giveaway part... I've decided to treat one of my readers to a Lush Christmas product of their choice as a little Christmas treat! All you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning (:

 The giveaway will run from 4th December 2014 until 14th December 2014 & is UK only - sorry! There will be an International giveaway really soon though (:
Good luck!

What is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?

L x

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christmas gifts for her - stocking fillers

Pug Air Freshener - £2.00
LUSH Festive Friends - £14.50

Blogmas day 3 sees the first instalment of my gift guide series, I'll be posting a few more throughout the next couple of days so make sure you check back if you're in need of some ideas or inspiration! I've picked out things I think most girls would love to receive in their stockings, I know most bloggers will appreciate the Nutella recipe book & the LUSH goodies anyway! How pretty is the copper/rose gold coloured passport holder? I also thought it would be lovely to gift someone a gift card, in the form of coffee, cinema tickets or even a meal at Nando's. Our families have been asking us what we would like for Christmas this year, but there is genuinely nothing I really NEED & so my Mum has offered to get us a gift card for Nandos & my Nana is getting us a cinema voucher. It's a fab idea because now Dom & I have a date night to look forward to that won't be costing us much!

Let me know if you have any stocking filler ideas!

L x

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november favourites

UK beauty blogger, monthly favourites, november favourites, beauty, makeup, bblogger
Day two of #blogmas is a post dedicated to my most loved items throughout November!

My favourite products this month are a mixture of makeup, bath & body and skincare. I’ve not really bought many new beauty products for months now, simply because firstly, I don’t need anymore and secondly I stopped being so frivolous when Dom & I decided to buy a house together. It’s a huge step for us, but something we are SO excited about & I can’t wait to document our journey on my blog. We’ve had a bit of bad luck with the process so far, with our dream house being sold right in front of our eyes but that’s okay, it’s all a learning game & hopefully something better will come along!

Anyway, that’s not what this post is all about, my first favourite is LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel of course! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now then you’ll know I’m pretty obsessed with this stuff. I can’t resist the sweet candy scent that lingers in the bathroom & on your skin for ages after using it!

I ran out of my Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Moisturiser so had a hunt around in my collection & I've been using the Creighton's Squeaky Clean Body Better Body Lotion* to keep my skin soft & hydrated. I'm usually a big fan of cocoa butter & vanilla scents but this one has a fresh clean smell, similar to baby powder & it's a thin formula so theres no waiting around for it to soak in. 

The only new beauty purchase of the month was a foundation, Rimmel have added another one to their product range & I've been meaning to test it out for a while! Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation is formulated to last all day without being a thick and cakey. I seriously love this foundation so so much, my work hours are long & whilst I've not worn it for 25 hours I can confirm it lasts the whole day for me without requiring touch ups. It makes my skin look smooth, covers most imperfections & blends in really easily. Rimmel are a firm favourite of mine when it comes to drugstore foundations!

This months issue of Glamour Magazine had a free Nails Inc Polish, I chose 'Marylebone Mews' a lilac grey shade. It's a really chic looking colour & is super chip resistant, I wore it for 8 days without a single chip occurring which is kind of a miracle considering I spend most of my life working in retail or tapping away on my keyboard! The finish of this polish reminds me of a gel manicure, it's so shiny & looks as though I've had a professional do my nails, I'm terrible at painting nails so this polish really is a miracle worker haha. 
I'm so impressed with how good it makes my nails look when I wear it! (excuse the pug hair all over my scarf...)

When I attended the Lush Blogger Event at the beginning of November, Dani gave me some skin care advice & provided me with a few little samples to take home with me. I've really been suffering with my skin recently, along with it being dull & tired looking I've also had quite bad breakouts. One of the products I've been using is the Dark Angels Cleanser to give my skin a good scrub to waken it up basically! It's filled with black sugar, charcoal & rhassoul mud to exfoliate & cleanse the skin but it also contains avocado oil & vegetable glycerine which soften & moisturise the skin after scrubbing. I've used this quite a lot but still got loads left, a tiny pea sized amount is all thats needed as you add water to it which turns it to a paste that can be applied all over your face. It smells really natural & feels like it's fixing my skin, as my skin feels so much better after I use it!

Last but definitely not least is the Makeup Revolution One Blush Stick in 'Rush'*, the rose gold blush thats almost certainly a dupe for Nars Orgasm! I haven't used any other blush product since receiving these, I love the shimmery finish & the colour really suits my complexion, in fact I think it would suit anybody!

What are your November favourites?

L x

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the christmas tag

Images from weheartit
To kick of #blogmas I thought it would be appropriate to begin with the Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it. The festive atmosphere created by the twinkling lights, mince pies, advent calendars, frosty mornings, busy crowds shopping for gifts, Christmas films, seeing people appreciate & love the presents you've bought them, I could go on & on, it is honestly the most wonderful time of the year...

2. What is your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I've been wearing my Topshop Beguiled lipstick non stop recently, it's a perfect wine colour & fits in with the seasonal shades. I'll be wearing it a lot more over Christmas & New Year, along with smokey eye makeup!

3. Real or fake tree?
Real trees are my favourite, but we have fake ones as it's cheaper in the long run & tidier because they don't drop needles all over the floor! I think though when we get our own place we will have two trees, a fake one & a real one because the smell of a real tree is just so festive!
4. Giving or receiving presents?
100% giving presents! Picking out gifts I know people want/will love is something that really makes me happy. Also, wrapping them up all pretty with little bows is something I enjoy way too much! Of course I still love to receive presents too, but there is just something about giving that I will always prefer!

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
I'm almost 23 & still join in with the family tradition of the early morning excitement rush to get downstairs & see the beautiful display of presents my mum Father Christmas has left for us. Even though I am not a morning person I ALWAYS manage to get up on Christmas day, I think it's more special because I have younger brothers & sisters who still believe in all the magic of Christmas & to be honest, I don't really want to give up in believing just yet either... 

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
Every year I say I will have a go at making my own Christmas & each year I have failed to do so! I really miss being creative but I never seem to have time anymore ): I've bought some cute little cards for friends & then I always buy special individual ones for my Mum, Dad Nana & Grandad, etc & Dom!

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Oh my god I have so many! Christmas films are the only kind of film I can watch multiple times without getting bored! A few of my favourites are Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, The Greatest Store in The World, Four Christmases, Jingle All The Way, The Santa Clause. I think Elf is my absolute favourite though, SANTA... I KNOW HIM!

8. What is your favourite Christmas food?
Mince pies, Turkey with Cranberry jelly, Sausage meat stuffing, Pigs in blankets and my Nana always has so much buffet food which is the best!

9. Favourite Christmas gift?
When I was about six I came downstairs on Christmas morning to a little note telling us (my Sister & I) to follow the red ribbon into the Kitchen. My Mum & Dad had bought us one of those electronic Jeeps for Christmas & because it was obviously way too big to wrap they had hidden it to surprise us! I'll never forget that moment when we opened the kitchen door & saw the Jeep with a big red bow on it!

10. What tops your tree?
Growing up it was always an angel & one year it was one that I had made at School. Now I have my own decorations we have a cream star that has heart cut outs, so pretty (:

L x

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