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blogging thoughts

I've been typing this post since November, adding to it along the way, it's a bit of a word vomit really with a few of my thoughts being shared but I kinda want to get it all off my mind & get my blog to a point I'm happy with is. I guess it could fall into the blogging resolutions category as I've set myself some goals to keep in mind throughout the year.
For a long time I've felt unhappy with my blog, resulting in a lack of posts & a loss of motivation to actually get involved with blogging & the community. One of the main reasons I'm not my blogs biggest fan at the moment (& I believe I totally should be, gotta believe in yourself & all that!) is my photography. The quality just isn't there, the lighting is annoying me & I could spend hours setting up all the products & props, playing around with different compositions & still hating everything I produced at the end of the photo taking session. As you might have seen in my 'What I got for Christmas' post Dom bought me a Canon 700d so I've now got the opportunity to improve my photography & hopefully create content I'm happy with. I've got a lot to learn but it's something I've wanted to get to grips with for a long time. I've always had an interest in Photography from studying Art & Textiles for years before going down the more 'academic' route at University where I seemed to lose track of what I loved doing the most whilst focusing on my studies. I always wanted to keep my creativity as a hobby rather than pursue it as a career, basically I didn't want studying to ruin what I considered as a pastime. What I'm trying to say is, now I've got the Camera I've always wanted I feel excited to start learning & developing my skills more than ever. If anyone has any photography tips & tricks they'd like to share with me, drop your links in the comments or send me an email I'd love to learn from my readers! 
The actual content I share here on loulabeth will hopefully become more varied, especially as we move into our own place again (still not found anything though(!!) if anybody cares!) I want to blog more about home interiors, baking, travelling and fashion yet still keep the beauty posts regular too! I've also got a little series planned featuring Tilly Pug, I can't wait to share it soon but one thing is for sure, Tilly will be having her own section of the blog & I'm so excited about this... if I'm not already considered a crazy Pug lady by now, I certainly will be when these posts go live haha. I'm also still trying to decide whether to pursue YouTube & really have a go at it this year. It's a terrifying idea but I've made a few videos & I had so much fun & I did tell myself that 2015 would be the year of doing more of what makes me happy!

Alongside improving my content I want to improve the design & general look of my blog. It's going to be a work in progress for a while probably as I've loads of ideas & I want to ensure it's exactly how I imagine it & be completely happy with the finished product! I want to bring back some pages, such as an about me, contact & possibly a product directory to make navigation through this little website of mine much easier. At the moment I look at my blog space & see so much potential, I feel as though it needs 'pulling together' a bit more with a fresh new design, still gonna incorporate Tilly Pug somehow! In fact I am actually considering dropping 'loulabeth' & renaming this blog to Laura & Tilly, thoughts?
Blogging is most certainly not all about stats & figures but I will admit that I'd love to see my audience grow throughout 2015. It's pretty satisfying seeing the number increase on bloglovin'/other social media accounts, knowing I've attracted another reader is a nice reward after working on a post etc. I definitely want to try & be more consistent with my content too. I'm going to stick to dedicated days for certain posts such as my Wednesday Wishlists and I'd like to do a Sunday Summary kinda post each week too. However I'm not going to set a proper blogging schedule of when to expect posts as I have had experience of doing this last year, then not being able to stick to those days & putting myself under pressure. I don't want my blog to make me feel pressured & thats an important one for me to remember. 

Ever since I found the blogging community, firstly by stumbling across Tanya Burr's makeup tutorials which then led me to explore further & find Lily's fashion blog I've loved the whole concept that surrounds blogging. As a teenager I developed my passion for makeup, learning tips from my friends & experimenting with drugstore products, Rimmel being my favourite brand so when I discovered the beauty blogosphere I was pretty much hooked. Before I started my own blog I would sit for hours reading pages of Zoella's, Lily, Becky & Emma's blogs & even now I check regularly for new posts. I've always found their content inspiring. Blogging basically went viral last year, it spiralled out of control (in a good way) & there is so much opportunity for bloggers now, it's a great thing to be involved with. Whilst I don't think my blog will ever become my job it's amazing to see how some people have made that move & I've found it interesting to follow their journey. 

Another thing I want to make a priority is becoming more involved with the blogging community. In late 2014 I began receiving invites to blogger events & had the chance to attend a couple. I met some lovely bloggers & I'd love to continue making new blogger friends, it's the best being able to talk to people who share the same passion & actually understand blogging! 

So this has been a rather big ramble, in a nutshell I want to be more creative, consistent & become part of the community. Lets hope 2015 feeds this craving I have to learn & unlocks the little goals I've set for myself! Have you set yourself any blogging goals or resolutions in general? Let me know! (:
L x

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  1. I find quite hard to take good photos during the winter. Lighting is not great, and it is hard to take photos if you are at work all day. Hopefully summer time should start in a few weeks! :) x

  2. Loved reading this, it's nice to see other bloggers reflect and worry about things just like I do!
    I love your blog and the fact you've got a new cam must be so exciting, when I got a DSLR it made me want to blog so much more as I was so excited about getting amazing imagesh aha. Another thing that's good for motivation is getting a studio light, it makes everything like x100 better and is definitely worth the investment.
    If you're wanting to up your layout, definitely have a look on pipdig, their templates are really reasonable if you just get the customisable ones!
    Including Tilly is such a good idea, people go crazy for small dogs, I always mean to involve Pom more in my content. I posted a photo of Pom on Insta in a primark jumper and primark regrammed it and my feed went MENTAL. It's definitely a good tool for promotion haha!
    Lydia xx

    1. Thanks for this comment Lydia! I'm literally so so excited to finally have a decent camera, I'm slowly getting used to it but I still need to learn a lot haha. I'm deffo going to look into investing in some studio lighting, is there any you would recommend? I'd actually already decided to buy a layout from pipdig, I just can't choose which one to go for! They're such good prices tho, I'm really impressed.
      Tilly is the reason I have so many Instagram followers haha, she has more friends than me lol! A few huge Pug accounts gave her a shout out & it just spiralled from there, crazy! Can't beat a regram haha. xx

  3. i often feel the same way about my photography and have been trying really hard to improve it as well. hopefully this year will bring more blogging success for both of us :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. Taking pictures in the winter can be so difficult, especially when the sunsets. I'm also looking to revamp my blog and invest in a new DSLR this year too. Good luck with your 215 blogging mission!

  5. Hello Laura, I have two very solid pieces of photography advice for you that will make a huge difference. Firstly buy a 50mm 1.8 lens, they are less than £100 and it's the only bit of kit I have had right from the beginning of my photography journey. Because they open up to a wide aperture they let in a lot of light which is great for dark winter days. Secondly start shooting in RAW rather than Jpeg it gives you a huge amount of control over what you can do with the photo after it has been shot, including altering the exposure. I am always happy to help if you need any pointers so feel free to email me. And one other thing if you want to be creative and meet bloggers, consider coming to Blogtacular in June...

  6. This was lovely and such a great post. I felt like that and still do sometimes as I hate my current camera and feel I could do so much better sometimes. I hope you get out of your slump and find the will again but as for me I'm slowly getting back into it and commenting on my fave blogs has been helping.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  7. Enjoy reading this post, dear <3 It's very inspiring and motivating esp for me because I also get under pressured a lot because I am not satisfied with my blog or I can't reach my blogging goal in time or I keep comparing myself with others. I realized that it needs to stop because blogging is about me, it's supposed to be something that makes me happy, relieved, and relaxed. I just want to say, I can relate to this post so much! Thanks for sharing :)