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A Few February Favourites

February, the shortest month of the year, you could blink and practically miss the entire month if you weren't careful & I'm almost sure I did blink, where did that month go? Honestly, I never believed my parents/grandparents/adults in general when they told me time goes by too quickly, as a child I always thought 5 minutes felt like forever whilst I waited for my tea to be plated up & brought to the table... whilst I still am impatient waiting for food to be served, (or should I say hangry!?) I am always wishing time would slow down or to be granted a few extra hours in the day. It's official, I am getting old.

Onto my favourites, I was sent the ever so popular Feather Print iPhone* case for my gold 5S from Iconemesis. I used to have a Fifi Lapin one for my old iPhone so I was pretty excited to welcome another Iconemesis case into my life. They're really sturdy plastic, making them less prone to shatter which is great for someone like me who currently has a very smashed up screen from dropping it far too many times. Seeing my phone fall to the floor usually results in my case chipping/cracking too but *touches wood* so far so good with this one!  

I look forward to cleansing my skin at the end of the day so much now that I've got a nice little skincare routine in place. It's such a good feeling going to bed with fresh, clean skin  & waking up in the morning not dreading what my skin looks like after sleeping in makeup! Along with my Liz Earle C&P I've been spritzing the Antipodes Resurrect Toner* afterwards to ensure my pores close before moving onto the next step. It's got a calming, natural scent of Lavender & Sage which makes it perfect to use before bedtime, but also in a morning when I'm running round like crazy trying to get ready quickly. I'm really keen to try out some more Antipodes skincare, especially the Vanilla Pod  Hydrating Day Cream & Manuka Honey Mask. 

Surprise, Surprise, Soap & Glory are featuring in yet another monthly favourites, I just can't get enough of this brand! I've been working my way through the huge box of goodies that was in the Next Big Thing gift set with the Whipped Clean Shower Butter standing out as my most loved. Pistachio, Almond and Sweet Vanilla fragrance the Body Wash/Butter, which lathers up into a creamy foam & leaves my skin feeling suitably soft. I'm obsessed with using this, the smell is delicious & really similar to another of my faves, Smoothie Star, I'll 100% be repurchasing it when I run out! 

Essie Fiji is one of those shades that creates the ideal 'minimal' no fuss nail look. It's a milky pastel pink colour, which does require a couple of coats to be completely opaque but Essie polishes tend to dry reasonably quickly & apply really easily, so thats okay! I've actually reapplied this a few times in a row as I really like how it looks & I know I'll continue to get a lot of wear out of it through the Spring & Summer months. 

February saw a whole lot of fuss surrounding Benefit's latest product launch, Roller Lash, which was  released on February 26th however a sample was included with Elle Magazine so I hunted it down to give it a try. The brush is made up of little hooked bristles which help to curl & lift the lashes, producing a wide eye effect. I love that I can apply one coat & see the results of using this mascara so quickly, it's got quite a wet formula which I don't mind as I find it's easier to apply. I'm tempted to purchase the full size of this on payday!

What are your monthly favourites?

L x 

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  1. Some lovely picks! I really want to try a essie polish, this might be my first pick! <3

  2. I've just started to use the Simple range. I'm using the cleansing wipes, eye brightened and moisturiser. It's been good.

  3. I love that phone case!! I really have been wanting a new one lately!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  4. Lovely picks! That toner sounds interesting!

  5. Amazing choices! I love S&G but I haven't tried Whipped Clean yet. I'll have to check it out :)!


  6. I love the phone case, i have never seen on like this before.


  7. Great picks! I got the Roller Lash too, I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried it yet.... So it's interesting to hear what you thought of it. I need to give it a go!! H x

  8. I Like your blog very much! I found your posts very interesting! And also I like your beautiful photos! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  9. Fiji is such a pretty shade, I might have to break it out to wear this week! I wasn't a massive fan of Roller Lash but I love Bad Gal lash x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  10. I love, love, love the Whipped Clean Shower Butter. It smells divine and just leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturised xx

    Amanda -

  11. I love that you pointed out your favourite things of last month.

  12. Your phone case is so pretty <3 xx

  13. I love love love that shower cream! // UK Fashion Blog

    p.s. you could win a pair of thigh high boots in my giveaway!