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Pawsome Box January 2015

(love her lil tongue peeping out!)
Pawsome Box - £19.90*
So, last month Tilly Pug was lucky enough to receive her very own goodie box filled with treats & toys from Pawsome Box, I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to put together this post! It works in a very similar way to the beauty subscription boxes us #bbloggers are familiar with, a box arrives through the post each month, although there is the option to have a 6 month or yearly subscription too & they can be cancelled at any time! There's also a Purrfect Box available for those who have Cats. Each month the Pawsome Box has a different theme, this one was based on America, hence the Cola Bottle & Baseball toys!

Of course as soon as I showed Tilly the box her curly little tail started wagging & she was sniffing it like crazy, she was eager for me to open it & show her the contents inside! We opened it up together & Tilly inspected each item with lots of licks & love, she was genuinely so excited bless! Her favourite toy is the Pink 'Pet Cola' & it's also my favourite too, I love toys that are basically dog versions of Human things!  I think these boxes are such a good idea, I spoil Tilly with new treats & toys all the time so it's nice to have a box filled with things to give her that are a bit different from what I usually find at the pet shop/supermarkets! All doggies deserve to be spoilt & a Pawsome Box is the perfect way to treat your pooch, Tilly certainly gives her paw of approval! (:

On a side note, today I reached 2000 followers on bloglovin' - thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to read this little space of mine on the Internet, even though I don't update it half as much as I'd love to it makes me so happy!

L x

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  1. I love all of the pictures of her. I love the one picture where a little piece of her tongue is sticking out. She looks so cute! :)

  2. I love this idea, it's so cute! I think my cat would be pretty happy to receive treats so often!
    Congratulations on 2000 followers :) xx
    Bethan Likes

  3. Aww so cute! She looks really intrigued with all her new things <3

  4. AW this is so cute!! I need to get one for my dog! :)

  5. This is the cutest thing! x

  6. Awah, this is such a cute idea! A subscription box for your dog! :D Tilly Pug is absolutely adorable!!
    Elephant stories and more

  7. love this idea!

  8. This is adorable, your dog is so cute. A great selection of items included as well, might look into the cat one for my kitten.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion