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Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set - €58/£42
Along with Real Techniques make up brushes the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set is one of the most raved about sets in the beauty blogging world. After reading so many reviews & lusting over them for ages I finally found them in my Christmas gift pile from Dom who had them shipped over from Germany because all the UK Stockists had sold out (extra boyfriend points to him!) My Real Techniques brushes are looking rather loved now anyway & rather than repurchasing the same ones its nice to try something new.

The Rose Golden Luxury Set is described as "Romantic Copper" which I think is such a pretty way to describe rose gold! There are eight brushes in the set which are made from high quality natural hair or synthetic taklon bristles so they can be used with cream or powder products. The brushes are housed in a clutch style bag, meaning you can chuck them in your handbag knowing they'll be travelling around safely & stylishly! 

Christmas was around four months ago now so it's fair to say I've trialled & tested these brushes a whole lot! I've used them on various products & also washed them with different soaps/shampoos so I've had lots of experience using them. My absolute favourite brush of the bunch is the 102 Silk Finish which I've been reaching for every time it comes to apply & blend my foundation. I never thought I'd move on from my RT Buffing/Expert Face brushes but the Silk Finish buffs in every foundation I use really well, it never leaves streaks across my face & because of it's dome shape it's really good for blending excess product in around my nose and hair line areas! It also works well when I apply concealer as it's not a massive brush I can get away with sweeping it under my eyes to cover my dark circles without bristles poking me! Another brush that really stands out to me is the 127 Luxe Sheer Check, I've got nothing like this in my brush collection so I've found it a saviour when it comes to using bronzers & even blushers too. The big fluffy angled bristles are the perfect size for contouring in the hollows of my cheeks & around my forehead without the product looking overloaded or cakey. Theres also a dupe of the MAC 217, known as the 227 Luxe Soft Definer it's pretty much identical & it's so handy that I now have two good quality blending brushes to use when I want to create a smokey eye. 

Have you got the Zoeva Rose Gold brushes? Which is your favourite?

L x

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  1. Aghhh they are so pretty. I've been lusting over them ever since Zoella first featured them over on her youtube channel. The Silk Finish one sounds absolutely brilliant !.

    Caitriona | Blog

  2. they look great:)

  3. I love these brushes, I've had mine since August and I use them everyday!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  4. I love Zoeva brushes are this set has been on my wishlist for ages now! x

  5. They look lovely, i ordered a few single brushes from Zoeva and love them x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  6. These brushes are absolutely stunning and I really want to try them. I love the colour scheme of them, especially the rose gold, so beautiful.

    Coffee and Cosmetics // Jess xo

  7. These brushes look gorgeous xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  8. These are at the top of my wish list right now, they are so gorgeous!

  9. these brushes are the cutest <3

  10. I just ordered mine and cant wait for them to arrive. I love the complete eye set I purchased a few months back. I never realised how much I needed a pencil brush before I had one, lol. Great post :)

    Rachill //

  11. Everything is lovely about this post!

    xo Precious