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May Primark Haul

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As I mentioned in my previous post I had a spree at Primark I thought I'd post some photos of my haul. All of the stuff shown was from the Manchester store & I'm pretty sure it's all reasonably new stock so if you like anything hopefully you'll be able to pick it up from your local store!

First up we spotted the jewellery stands & straight away I noticed the Pineapple chain necklace, it was only £4 so I couldn't resist it. I think it will look cute with a plain top, it's the perfect Summer accessory anyway & even if I never do wear it, at least I can use it as a blog photo prop! I also picked up the trio of necklaces, I really liked the rose quartz one & I'm sure I'll end up wearing the other two sometime. Continuing on the accessory theme, I got myself a new bag! I'm loving the tassel trend at the mo, but with a little Pug around it's not the most practical trend for me to sport, fringed kimonos are a serious no no as I can absolutely guarantee Tilly would be swinging from it! I thought the bucket style bag was a semi-safe option, as I'll mostly be using it out of the house when Tilly isn't with me hopefully I won't end up with half-eaten tassels! 

After having a browse we headed upstairs to the PJ section, you can't beat a new pair of pyjamas! I got my hands on the Rugrats short & crop top combo, gutted that someone muddled up the sizes though so I've ended up with a pair of shorts way too big for me! The second pair I bought were pink pj bottoms with a Pugicorn print & keeping with the Pug theme I got some new socks too. Finally we made our way over to the Home section, where I spotted glass jar candles in lots of Summery fragrances. I went for Appletini but I wanna go back & get the Watermelon scent too now. They're only £3, I'm usually a bit of a candle snob & stick to Yankees but I'm actually really impressed with these! I also picked up a chevron print throw which I stupidly packed in a box before I photographed this haul so unfortunately you'll just have to wait & see that when we move into our new house. I really wanted to pick up some of the Pineapple print bedding too, but I didn't feel like carrying that around Manchester all evening so hopefully I can get it in my local store. 

What is your favourite item from my haul?
L x

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The Body Shop Blogger Event

On Thursday Abi & myself caught the train to Manchester to go along to the Body Shop event we had been invited too. Before we went to the store at 8pm we decided to get a Burger at Byron (try the Courgette fries!) & have a browse around Primark, where I spent far too many pennies, oops! I'll do a separate post on that this week though..
The event was held in the Manchester Arndale store, we were greeted by Fiona & her lovely colleagues & told to help ourselves to a milk bottle filled with either milkshake, lemonade or a Malibu cocktail & to tuck into the bowl full of Strawberries & Marshmallows that were waiting to be dipped into the white chocolate fountain - yum! Once everyone had arrived Fiona had a little chat to us about the evening ahead, she told us we could have a skin consultation & our makeup done, plus we had free range of the store to try out all the products. We were told about the new Vitamin C skincare range & were able to test this out for ourselves. One thing I noticed about all of The Body Shop staff was how high their level of product knowledge was. They knew everything & were so helpful with recommending products, spoke with so much confidence about the ingredients used & just really knew their stuff! Abi & I had a mooch around, Abi is a huge Body Shop fan so she was pointing out products she loves & recommending things to me! It was lovely to be in a store full of bloggers & see some familiar faces (CatKatie) and do what us bloggers do best... chat about beauty products!
I was completely spoilt for choice in terms of what to buy, I knew I wanted to get the Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Salts so that I would have a nice bath product to use in the new house, so I picked up a tin along with the Tea Infuser. We were kindly offered 30% off any products that took our fancy, so I decided to get the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask, as I had a skin consultation & this was one of the product recommendations. The skin consultation revealed I have dry skin, which means I need to focus more on keeping my skin hydrated, by drinking more water & having a skin care regime consisting of moisturising products. 
Admiring the wall of pretty pastel products! As part of the event we were offered a selection of Mango products if we spent £25 & as I'd really wanted to try out a Body Sorbet for ages I was convinced to take advantage of this offer! The offer included the Mango Body Sorbet, Beautifying Oil & Lip Butter, the tropical fruity scent is amazing! 

I had such a nice evening at the Body Shop store, I've got a super long list of products I would like to try out now & will definitely be popping back in on a more regular basis to build up my collection!   I'll also be keeping an eye out for the new Virgin Mojito range which is being released soon, Mojitos are my absolute fave cocktail so I imagine I'm going to be a huge fan of the new range! Massive thank you to Fiona & her team for hosting the event!

L x

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Burgers, Blogger Events & Being Busy

As you may or may not know I set myself a little target of blogging Everyday in May, which I have done pretty well with so far but a mishap occurred Yesterday which resulted in me missing a day. I felt really guilty for not posting, I had let myself down but sometimes something just has to give & unfortunately my blog was neglected. My Saturday started off with an early wake up to go & meet our financial advisor 45 minutes away from where we live, not ideal when you have work later on but it was an important mortgage meeting to finalise everything so had to be done. On our way there I had a phone call from work asking me to come in earlier, so after the meeting we zoomed over to a Booths to grab coffee & breakfast which meant that when I arrived home I could run through the door, get changed & hurry over to work. After I had finished work at 6.30pm, Dom & I took Tilly for a long walk through the countryside, I was tired & if I'm being honest wasn't in the mood for going out but little Tilly Pug loves her walks & there was no way I could refuse! We had been out for about an hour when I decided we should take the short cut home, bad move... we got charged at by a herd of cows! I scooped Tilly up in my arms & ran as fast as I could, with the Cows galloping towards us... I'm laughing now but I was in such a panic imagining myself being squashed to the ground. After that ordeal I was completely drained & I ended up ringing Doms Dad to see if he would come pick us up, which luckily he did! When we got home I crashed on the sofa & was asleep in a matter of moments, with my poor blog not even being logged into! I woke up this morning feeling really annoyed at myself for not being more organised, but off I went to work again today & realised that there is no need to beat myself up over a blog post not being published. I love blogging & thats what matters, so as long as I'm publishing content I'm proud of then I'm not going to worry about missing a day here & there.

Apart from my usual working week & the drama of Yesterday I managed to have some fun still! I attended a Body Shop Blogger Event in Manchester with Abi, we stopped off at Byron Burger first - my fave, did a spot of shopping in Primark, then went over to the store about 8pm for the event. I'll be doing a full post in the next couple of days though so I'll save the details for then! When I say 'spot' of shopping in Primark, I actually mean a spree & ended up walking out with a huge bag full, Primark Haul post anyone!? (:

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
L x

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5 Things To Bake

Now that I am the proud owner of a KitchenAid Mixer I've been looking for recipes more than ever. I've always been into baking & would often whip up a batch of cupcakes or a plate of cookies so I feel like I can take my baking skills to the next level & start experimenting a bit more!

Pastel Rainbow Layer Cake: I've been obsessed with the idea of creating a rainbow layer cake for years now, in fact I have made two, the first turned out to be a massive fail as the sponges all turned funny murky looking colours (I now know that gel food colour is your best friend when baking colourful cakes etc), the second one was layers 3 layers of different blue shades for Doms 21st. I was actually pretty impressed with that one but sadly I have no photos of it as my iPhone was stolen that night & we didn't have wifi in the flat so the photos never saved to my iCloud! Anyway my next goal is to attempt a 6 layer pastel sponge cake, I'll keep you all updated!
Pug Shaped Cookies: I guess this is a kinda obvious one, anything Pug related & I'm immediately drawn to it & whilst cookies are a pretty easy bake, it would be cute to make Pug shaped ones. My only problem is trying to find a Pug shaped cookie cutter that isn't ridiculously overpriced, no way am I paying £20!

Macarons: I really, really love Macarons, especially ones from Laduree which I've been lucky enough to sample a few times now. They're such a luxury little treat, but one that is really worth the wait! I've heard Macarons are quite a challenge to make, but I'm still tempted to have a go, especially as Macarons are so pricey to buy so it would be nice to be able to make my own!

Funfetti Doughnuts: I feel like baking doughnuts would be like unlocking a level in a game, doughnuts are life, well for me anyway! I think it would be pretty awesome to invite all my friends round & be like "hey! look I made doughnuts!" - I feel like they would be impressed with me anyway haha (:

Nutella Braided Bread: Nutella on toast is one of my fave sugary snacks when I've no chocolate bars/sweets to binge on so a bread that has nutella plaited through it would be my ultimate comfort food.

L x

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Bloggers I Love

It's been a while since I've shared some of my fave current reads & I feel like I've been reading more blogs than ever recently. Nothing beats seeing my BlogLovin' feed full of new posts from my favourite bloggers, I really look forward to getting home in the evening to catch up on the latest posts. I've become obsessed with blogging & the blogging community again, I kinda drifted away for a bit & didn't feel like I belonged here but now I'm focusing on the fun side of blogging - taking photographs, meeting up with other bloggers & I feel a million times better about my blog. I really love discovering new blogs, through blogger chats on Twitter or Instagram... or even in my workplace! I met both Abi & Stephanie at work & it's the best being able to chat all things blogger related to people who "get it"... most people I know still have no idea what a blog is! Anyway, onto my most-loved bloggers at the moment... enjoy! (:

A Little Boat Sailing
Amy Elizabeth Fashion
Glossy Boutique
Hello October
Lily Loves Lola
Lydia Rose
Oui Stephanie
Percy and Prunella
Temporary Secretary
Wish Wish Wish

Who's blog are you loving atm?

L x

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Wednesday Wishlist #31

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

I think this is one of my most colourful wish lists ever, with the bright floral prints & pretty pastel nail polishes I feel like I'm looking at a rainbow! Looking through some of my previous Wednesday Wishlists they usually end up following a colour scheme but today I was clearly loving a mix and match of vibrant shades! 

It's been ages since I looked at anything on the Cath Kidston website but I'd seen a few new designs popping up on people's Instagram photos so I had to check them out for myself. The Mews Ditsy range is beautiful, my last CK mug, the Kempton Rose design fell out of the cupboard last week & smashed into tiny pieces so this would be a lovely replacement.

You may or may not know I have a slight candle addiction, especially to Yankee Candles & if I lived in the USA I can guarantee I'd have a huge collection of Bath & Body Work candles too. Luckily for me I have the nicest friend ever (hey Jemma if you're reading!) who is off to Orlando next week & has offered to bring some back for me, SO EXCITED! 

It's a Pineapple, it's pastel pink & it's a homeware item which means I obviously need it! Browsing the Urban Outfitters home section has been a bit dangerous for my bank balance this evening... especially as I stumbled across Pug Salt & Pepper shakers that are the cutest things ever!! I'm not really supposed to be buying any more home accessories until we actually move now as our bedroom resembles a storage unit & we are seriously running out of space! I've had a delivery of homeware every day this week so far, I'm sure one more order won't hurt!?

Most Beauty bloggers will be aware of the limited edition packaging Topshop have decorated some of their beauty items with in celebration of their 5th Birthday. I actually think they had bloggers in mind when they chose the rose gold design, it seems most of us are obsessed with the packaging! I am a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks & I'm really glad they chose Beguiled to be part of the 5 years of beauty collection as I could do with a new one! I'm heading over to Manchester tomorrow evening so hopefully I can pick up at least a lipstick & a nail polish, otherwise I'll be ordering them online, I'm determined not to miss out though! 

The last item is another Topshop piece, I was drawn to the Summery print, I'm not convinced I'd suit it as yellow isn't really my colour but I like the style of dress too so hopefully Topshop will bring out a variation that would suit me!

Whats your favourite item?
L x

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Two MAC Makeup Brushes I Can't Live Without

The other day I was filling in my eyebrows with my MAC 266 Angled Brush when it occurred to me I hadn't really featured it on my blog, which is really surprising because I use it every single day & I'd be absolutely lost without it. My eyebrows are definitely sisters, not twins & they stress me out beyond belief basically every day but since having the 266 it's reduced my eyebrow drama slightly! I find the angled shaped bristles are the perfect size for my brows, they're quite thin at the front & the brush creates the right size strokes. It's look a little battered now, as is my 217 but with the amount of use they both get it's to be expected really! I know it can sound a bit ridiculous spending £16.50 on a single brush, but I've certainly got my money's worth by using it so much. Also, duty free is your friend when buying high end beauty products, well it is for me anyway, even if it is only a few ££ cheaper it's better than nothing! 

The second MAC Makeup brush I can't be without is the MAC 217 Blending Brush, it was my first MAC brush & also my first "expensive" makeup brush I purchased. I'd read so many rave reviews about it & because I was useless at applying eyeshadow I justified it by saying it would be a tool that would be beneficial to my makeup routine! The super fluffy bristles make eyeshadow blend like a complete dream, it's so effortless & easy to achieve seamless eyeshadow that I have no regrets buying it. In fact I'm going to pick up another one next time I'm near a MAC store so I have a back up when the other needs washing! 

Honestly, I never used to believe the all the rave reviews about these makeup brushes but after giving into the hype I can confirm they are a million times better than I expected. They've helped me become a whole lot more confident applying makeup & I always go back to them if I switch to another brush. 

Have you got either of these MAC makeup brushes?

L x

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April Favourites

Here I am yet again wondering where on earth the time has disappeared, another month has left us behind & if I hadn't been organised & jotted down products that stood out to me during April I'd be sat here wondering what my favourite products had been! My mind is failing me at the moment, I've got so much going on I'm not even sure of the day sometimes, I've been using my iPhone more than ever recently to document to-do lists, appointments & other important things, I'd actually be lost without it!

I ended up having my hair cut short last month, I'm now sporting a long bob that I wear curly most days. I'm obsessed with the fact a couple of spritz of Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray over my hair adds texture & gives my hair a beach wave kinda vibe instead of intense curls. I quickly add in some curls with my straighteners, then use the T&G Sea Salt Spray all over & scrunch my hair  I like that it doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy & full of product & it's also got a really nice scent, salty but fresh so it's different but a good different!

Two skincare items I've been loving are the Origins GinZing Moisturiser & the Garnier Express 2-in-1 Eye Makeup Remover. I spotted the GinZing moisturiser at the Cosmetics Company store at Cheshire Oaks when I visited with Stephanie and there was just no way I could leave it sitting on the shelf after wanting to try it for so long. The gel consistency is really refreshing, it makes a great base for my makeup & the chocolate orange fragrance is the best! I'm a huge fan of the Garnier Micellar Water so I bought the Eye Makeup Remover when I noticed it was on offer. Most days I wear liquid eyeliner & quite a lot of mascara & often wake up to panda eyes in the morning even though I cleanse my makeup away. There always seems to be bits of mascara that cling to my lashes or eyeliner thats being stubborn so by adding in another way to remove eye makeup I can feel confident that every single trace has been wiped away! I find the Garnier Eye Makeup Remover to be extra efficient at getting rid of all my eye makeup which is why I love it a lot!

Only one makeup item in this monthly favourites, the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink. It's super pretty & works well as both a highlighter & a blusher. I've also heard these Creme Puff blushes are amazing dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, they certainly look really similar anyway but I've not had the privilege of trying the Hourglass ones! I don't know why I didn't include the other shade I have in Seductive Pink as I've been loving them both in equal measures! 

I couldn't decide which nail polish to include as I've been wearing both Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in  Eat my Dust and Essie Cute as a Button non-stop! Even though they are basically complete opposites, one being a powder blue shade & the other a bright coral colour they both look so nice on my nails that I've been alternating them every few days! 

For a change I've included a couple of non-beauty items, my beautiful marble-esque necklace from Next & a jar of Lucy Bee's Coconut Oil. I've been wearing the necklace to work nearly every day but also on my days off too! It's pretty rare for me to want to wear something I consider part of my Uniform on days that I'm not working, but I've been wearing really simple outfits & adding the necklace for detail! April was the month I really got into Coconut Oil & discovered it's full potential, it was one of those things I was apprehensive to try but I'm glad I ended up giving it a go. I've more than one reason why I love Coconut Oil & I'm planning on doing a full post soon but I like how I can use it for so many different things, even Tilly Pug gets a spoonful on her din dins!

Let me know your April Favourites! (:

L x

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Sunday Summary

This week has been pretty non-stop with work, I genuinely feel like I live there at the mo but hey ho it's always worth it on pay day! I also made the decision to blog everyday in May & even though I'm a busy bee I'm actually feeling pretty organised & I'm super happy with my blog & the content I'm producing. I've been blogging on & off for 3 years & have hated my blog for the majority of that time because I'd be comparing it to others but I finally feel really positive about my little space on the Internet & it's such a great feeling! 

I've done a few early shifts this week which means earlier finishes so I've been able to enjoy the afternoon/early evening sunshine on the days that the weather has been nice. Even though everyone & their dog seems to be Instagram-ming blossom trees right now, outside of Dom's parents house is the most beautiful blossom tree, so I couldn't resist snapping a photo of it! I also bought not one but two pairs of Topshop sunglasses because firstly I loved them but they also suit my face shape & I struggle to get sunnies that look decent on me! This week the feeling spend hashtag has never been so appropriate, as well as the two pairs of sunglasses I had a big splurge on Summer clothes at Topshop & River Island plus I've stocked up on even more home things. An Oliver Bonas order happened & so did a h&m one too, whoops! I can't wait to be able to share photos of everything I've been buying for our place when we move in & get unpacked. 

Hope you've all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

L x

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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - £31.00
For the longest time I'd been dying to try out a Nars product, with Laguna Bronzer or Sheer Glow that were non-stop raved about by beauty bloggers & not being the biggest bronzer fan it seemed logical to go for the foundation. I popped it on my Christmas gift list this year & my Mum was kind enough to brave the crowds at the Trafford Centre around Christmas to go into Selfridges & purchase a bottle for me. I didn't give too much thought to the shade I'd need as I am always the palest one so my Mum asked the MUA for the lightest one & she was given 'Siberia'. For some reason I always thought 'Mont Blanc' was the palest shade available so when I read Siberia on the bottom of the bottle I did panic slightly thinking it would be too dark for me. However it is actually one of the lightest foundations I've used & suits my skin tone perfectly! It's a neutral shade with a balance of both pink & yellow undertones, which is the right colour combination for me as I don't like my foundation to look rosey but I find yellow based foundations don't suit me either.

Sheer Glow is described by Nars as a glowing, natural radiant finish foundation with sheer and build able coverage that immaculately evens skin tone & completely agree with that description. It feels lightweight yet is able to provide flawless coverage, giving my skin a much needed glow. Thanks to the Nars Complexion Brightening Formula & anti-oxidants being included in the ingredients my skin is provided with the benefits of skincare through a makeup item which is a win-win situation for me. I apply the foundation with either a brush or my hands, depending on what mood I'm in really. I mostly opt for my hands because using a brush tends to leave strokes all over my face, meaning more work to blend it & buff it in & I'm lazy! The satin texture makes my skin feel smooth & soft, with a radiant, fresh look to it. I find that a tiny bit goes a long way, I always manage to get the coverage I desire with a small amount & having used it regularly since Christmas I've still got over half the bottle left. One thing I actually really like about this foundation that others seem to be annoyed about is the fact it doesn't contain any SPF. It means I can wear it on a night out/to a family event & I don't need to worry about sporting a ghost face when I have a photograph taken! If I'm wearing it during the day I apply an SPF anyway so it's not a problem for me. 

Every single time I wear this foundation I receive compliments about my skin & I feel like I'm forever recommending it to anyone & everyone but I really do feel like it's worth the price tag! The one thing I'd change is for a pump to be included but as long as your careful it's not too bad. Next on my list to try is the new Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation but I'd also like to try a blush & one of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils too! Oh & the Creamy Concealer! 

Have you tried Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?

L x 

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5 Places To Travel To

(Image Source: weheartit)

I've stolen this idea from Luce, so all credit goes to her for this post idea but after saying I wanted 2015 to be the year I travelled more I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to "plan" out where I want to go!

Paris - I've actually been to Paris twice when I was younger but I'd really like to go again. I feel like I'd appreciate this beautiful city so much more now & as soppy as this is, I really want to go & put a padlock on lovers bridge with Dom! We had actually aimed to go at the end of April but because of the house buying situation we needed to stay in the country. Praying I can visit soon though!

New York - The City that never sleeps, there is so many things I want to do if I ever get the chance to go to the big Apple. Ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre, taking a selfie with the Statue of Liberty, shopping, shopping & more shopping, a walk through Central Park, the list could go on & on...

Berlin - I studied the German language at GCSE, (which feels like a lifetime ago now) & I've been meaning to brush up on my skills ever since. Visiting Germany would provide me with the perfect opportunity (obvs) to have a go at speaking again & the relaxed vibe of Berlin really appeals to me! Plus I've heard Mauer Park Flea Market is amazing for vintage finds such as homeware & clothing.

Japan -  Dom & I have always said we would love to visit Japan. We used to watch a lot of Anime & it would be such a dream to go to the Ghibli Musuem! 

Grand Canyon - Ideally I'd love to do a road trip across the USA, y'know take a few weeks away from everything & drive until we can no longer drive. Visiting the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list though, I imagine it to be such a surreal sightseeing experience & I know my mind isn't going to stop pondering until I see it in real life!

Where would you like to travel?

L x

Myself & Stephanie are planning to blog 'Everyday in May', we've set ourselves a little challenge & I'm really looking forward to it! I've got loads & loads of ideas, lots of planned posts & photographs taken, it feels good to be organised so hopefully I won't let myself down. I love blogging a ridiculous amount, every time I write a post it makes me feel happy & I want to focus on being positive so I've decided to put my all into loulabeth once & for all! I think it's important to make time for what you love & I haven't done this enough recently therefore I've given myself chance to just sit down & blog blog blog.

Look at the cute little graphic Steph has made for Blog Everyday in May!

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