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Burgers, Blogger Events & Being Busy

As you may or may not know I set myself a little target of blogging Everyday in May, which I have done pretty well with so far but a mishap occurred Yesterday which resulted in me missing a day. I felt really guilty for not posting, I had let myself down but sometimes something just has to give & unfortunately my blog was neglected. My Saturday started off with an early wake up to go & meet our financial advisor 45 minutes away from where we live, not ideal when you have work later on but it was an important mortgage meeting to finalise everything so had to be done. On our way there I had a phone call from work asking me to come in earlier, so after the meeting we zoomed over to a Booths to grab coffee & breakfast which meant that when I arrived home I could run through the door, get changed & hurry over to work. After I had finished work at 6.30pm, Dom & I took Tilly for a long walk through the countryside, I was tired & if I'm being honest wasn't in the mood for going out but little Tilly Pug loves her walks & there was no way I could refuse! We had been out for about an hour when I decided we should take the short cut home, bad move... we got charged at by a herd of cows! I scooped Tilly up in my arms & ran as fast as I could, with the Cows galloping towards us... I'm laughing now but I was in such a panic imagining myself being squashed to the ground. After that ordeal I was completely drained & I ended up ringing Doms Dad to see if he would come pick us up, which luckily he did! When we got home I crashed on the sofa & was asleep in a matter of moments, with my poor blog not even being logged into! I woke up this morning feeling really annoyed at myself for not being more organised, but off I went to work again today & realised that there is no need to beat myself up over a blog post not being published. I love blogging & thats what matters, so as long as I'm publishing content I'm proud of then I'm not going to worry about missing a day here & there.

Apart from my usual working week & the drama of Yesterday I managed to have some fun still! I attended a Body Shop Blogger Event in Manchester with Abi, we stopped off at Byron Burger first - my fave, did a spot of shopping in Primark, then went over to the store about 8pm for the event. I'll be doing a full post in the next couple of days though so I'll save the details for then! When I say 'spot' of shopping in Primark, I actually mean a spree & ended up walking out with a huge bag full, Primark Haul post anyone!? (:

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
L x

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  1. That burger looks incredible and your pug is so cute! xo

  2. Good luck with posting every day in May - I really need to get back into the habit of posting frequently.
    The Body Shop event sounds lovely. And I, for one, would love to see a Primark haul! :)

  3. The cow situation sounds scary! Don't beat yourself up over missing a day! xx

  4. Sounds like a really busy weekend!
    Manchester has some other amazing burger alternatives too! You should check out almost famous in the northern quarter!

  5. Don't worry ! missing a day its fine .You re doing great already :)

    loving your blog.

  6. Lovely post <3 do share! Love primark hauls! <3 xx