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Wednesday Wishlist #31

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I think this is one of my most colourful wish lists ever, with the bright floral prints & pretty pastel nail polishes I feel like I'm looking at a rainbow! Looking through some of my previous Wednesday Wishlists they usually end up following a colour scheme but today I was clearly loving a mix and match of vibrant shades! 

It's been ages since I looked at anything on the Cath Kidston website but I'd seen a few new designs popping up on people's Instagram photos so I had to check them out for myself. The Mews Ditsy range is beautiful, my last CK mug, the Kempton Rose design fell out of the cupboard last week & smashed into tiny pieces so this would be a lovely replacement.

You may or may not know I have a slight candle addiction, especially to Yankee Candles & if I lived in the USA I can guarantee I'd have a huge collection of Bath & Body Work candles too. Luckily for me I have the nicest friend ever (hey Jemma if you're reading!) who is off to Orlando next week & has offered to bring some back for me, SO EXCITED! 

It's a Pineapple, it's pastel pink & it's a homeware item which means I obviously need it! Browsing the Urban Outfitters home section has been a bit dangerous for my bank balance this evening... especially as I stumbled across Pug Salt & Pepper shakers that are the cutest things ever!! I'm not really supposed to be buying any more home accessories until we actually move now as our bedroom resembles a storage unit & we are seriously running out of space! I've had a delivery of homeware every day this week so far, I'm sure one more order won't hurt!?

Most Beauty bloggers will be aware of the limited edition packaging Topshop have decorated some of their beauty items with in celebration of their 5th Birthday. I actually think they had bloggers in mind when they chose the rose gold design, it seems most of us are obsessed with the packaging! I am a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks & I'm really glad they chose Beguiled to be part of the 5 years of beauty collection as I could do with a new one! I'm heading over to Manchester tomorrow evening so hopefully I can pick up at least a lipstick & a nail polish, otherwise I'll be ordering them online, I'm determined not to miss out though! 

The last item is another Topshop piece, I was drawn to the Summery print, I'm not convinced I'd suit it as yellow isn't really my colour but I like the style of dress too so hopefully Topshop will bring out a variation that would suit me!

Whats your favourite item?
L x

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  1. You and your pineapples :p love the pug salt and pepper shakers! You neeeeed those! xxx

  2. Some great picks but the pugs are just adorable x

  3. Lovely wishlist - can never go wrong with anything from UO! And those Topshop nail polishes look lovely!

  4. Love it all! It's all so cute. Those Topshop lipsticks are gorgeous! Adore that packaging.
    Ivory Avenue

  5. Love that dress!

  6. The tiptop anniversary makeup is on my wishlist as well! The gold packaging is perfect. x

  7. I'm obsessed with the packaging for the Topshop makeup for their anniversary! I need it all!


  8. I adore that topshop dress, lovely picks x

    Electra Violet ||

  9. You've picked such pretty things! <3 the topshop make-up!

  10. A few days ago I picked up a couple of things from the Topshop range, I really like the rose gold detail for the anniversary. Great wish list! :)
    Amy x