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June Favourites

Sorry to sound like a broken record but I can't believe we are at the end of another month again! June has been busy busy busy because I've had a 90 mile round trip to work almost every day, so I feel like I've hardly had any time to myself, my bank balance has been crying at the amount I've spent on petrol & so actually I'm kinda glad to see the back of June. July should be a bit more chilled as I'm gonna be working closer to home from next week, I've got a trip to London for an event & to hang out with my lil sister! My monthly favourites are pretty minimal, I feel like I've been using the same products over & over and I feel a little bored of my stash so it's definitely time to have a clear out & re-organise. I'm on the hunt for some makeup/beauty storage so I guess once I've got that sorted it will all come together & I might even unearth some golden oldies...!

Onto my first fave, Lee Stafford Frizz Off Keratin Blow Dry Smoothing Spray, I spritz this throughout my hair after I've towel dried it & before I blow dry it. Usually when my hair comes into contact with heat it triples in size & becomes really unmanageable, but with this sweet scented spray added to my hair the frizz is under control & my hair is left feeling really smooth. 

I popped into Asda for some groceries, but ended up purchasing some new skincare items from their own brand NSpa. The Radiant Flash Serum has flecks of shimmer in it, something I'm always a little dubious about but I'm pleased to report it doesn't leave my face full of glitter! It gives my skin a much needed glow that looks natural, no more tired & dull looking skin - yay!

When I heard Topshop were releasing some of their beauty range in rose gold packaging to celebrate its 5th Birthday I knew I had to pick up a couple of pieces! Pastel nail polish seems to be my weakness & I've been wearing this pretty lilac shade in Parma Violet a lot recently. The formula is easy to apply & lasting power is decent too!

My final favourite is the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion, which at first I was disappointed with, however I'm glad I didn't give up on it as I'm now embracing my very first tan & I'm loving it.  As long as you make sure you rub it in evenly you'll be presented with a subtle golden glow once it has developed. It took me a few goes to get this right as I kept ending up with patches all over but now I've finally got a streak-free tan! It acts as a moisturiser too as it contains sweet almond oil, which gets bonus points from me as it leaves my skin silky soft. 

What are your monthly favourites?
L x

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Sunday Summary

Bit of an Instagram style post today but I promise I'll be back with my usual beauty ones this week! I really wanted to share my photos from Instagram this week because I've been obsessed with taking snaps of my house, especially because the lighting is so nice in every room (thanks to the huge windows!) so minimal editing is required! I've mostly been cleaning & organising, my life has been overtaken by housework & I am actually loving it, being in our own space & putting our stamp on the place is so exciting. We've also been on the hunt for a sofa & blinds & I *think* we are ready to place the order, we are pretty in love with the furniture we've chosen so no doubt I'll be spamming you all with photos soon! Tilly Pug seems to be in her absolute element too, she loves trotting around each room finding the perfect patch of sunshine to snooze in & really enjoys barking at the birdies who fly over her courtyard. She is also forever peeping her little squishy face through the spindles on the bannister & I couldn't resist grabbing my iPhone for a photograph! We've had quite a few visitors the past week too which has been lovely, it's so much fun showing everyone around each room & talking through our decor plans. I managed to arrange all our new home cards too, plus I am loving the fact I get bought flowers, our friends Matt & Jen gave us a beautiful bunch of Peonies which are my fave! Tilly has also had visitors, George the French Bulldog, Bailey the Sprollie & Cloud the Husky, she's a popular Pug! I've definitely turned into one of those people who is completely devoted to their home & extremely proud of their space, it was so worth the wait! Most of our money & time is now spent on the house, but I did take a trip to Boots after work & decided to grab the newest release from St Tropez, the in shower gradual tan. I've never really used fake tan but I'm intrigued by this & I've read a few positive reviews so hopefully it will give my pale irish skin a bit of a glow!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

L x

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An Exciting Life Update

We finally got the keys to our beautiful home almost two weeks ago but it's been non-stop ever since & due to a lack of Internet my blog has been left very unloved recently! I've got two days off now so I'm taking advantage of my free time & getting back into blogging - one of my favourite things to do! I'm using my iPhone as a hotspot because I couldn't wait any longer to login to blogger & get a post written up, we should have proper Internet soon though.

The house itself is situated in Liverpool which meant a big move for Dom, Tilly & myself but a very exciting move nonetheless! I've been craving city life ever since I left London two years ago & we've managed to get the best of both worlds with two beautiful parks nearby yet we are only about 10 minutes away from the city centre. We need to do a bit of work on the house, get some damp fixed, redecorate most of the rooms & generally make it our own so it's going to take time but we have already made a good start! Our bedroom will be the first room to be completed, it's all decorated now we just need to decide on a few more pieces of furniture & get some curtains hung up! We are currently sleeping in the back bedroom with a bedsheet acting as a curtain, but we have the comfiest bed ever so we are good for now! (little bit of advice, if you're gonna splurge on one thing make sure it's a mattress - you spend about half your life on it so it's a worthwhile investment!) It's such an exciting time for us, even buying 'boring grown up things' like a washing machine & fridge was fun, I think I'm officially old!! We have so much more to buy though, I'm currently having a dilemma over which sofa to go for, I'm scared I'll be stuck with a sofa that I'll end up hating & it's such an expensive mistake to make... send over any sofa shopping tips before I have a breakdown over swatches & styles!

We are already so so so happy in our new home, it feels good to finally have our own space again after waiting almost a year & I'm excited to document our home & share updates with you all as we make progress!

p.s I share some sneak peaks of our new home on Instagram if you want to take a look - @loulabeth & there will be loads more to come over the weekend! (:

L x