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A Homeware Wishlist

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It's Saturday night & here I am, sat in bed (still waiting on the arrival of our sofa) browsing through Pinterest etc looking for interior inspiration. We were supposed to have a really productive DIY day but with one thing after another today was basically written off & I reverted back to bed by 4pm. All evening I've been lying here like grrr house y u no pretty but I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself & gather some ideas together. I was hoping to get the living room walls painted today so that when the sofa does arrive, in 4 days time hopefully, the room is ready. Maybe tomorrow will be a better DIY day, I'm hoping so anyway! 

When I ordered the sofa I was torn between choosing a turquoise blue armchair or sticking with the same colour as the sofa. In the end I went with the same because I'm forever getting bored & thought it would be better to stick with a grey sofa that I can add cushions & throws to, they're easy to switch around & I can inject different colours whenever I feel like it! I'm drawn to all the turquoise & mint colours at the mo, so I definitely want to get some cushions in those kinda shades but apart from that I'm not gonna stick to a colour scheme really. We are also hoping to add another little Pug to our family in the next few months so I'm gonna start stocking up on throws now to make sure I'm able to protect our new sofas from puppy pee & tiny teefs!

We have the Eames Style chairs for our dining table & we have a lot of space to fill so I think the rocking chair version would sit in one of the corners nicely. I'd add a big cushion to finish it off & make it my little reading corner. I'm also on the look out for artwork I can place in the living/dining area. I'm obsessed with the Ice Lolly Watercolour print I found over on Etsy & I just know it will look perfect in the kitchen, I've also found a Totoro print I'm buying for my dressing room/blogging room/beauty room. I want the house to be full of fun things to look at & I love the idea of getting artwork that's a bit different! I've got some small cacti dotted around the place too (as does every other blogger & their dog!) & I want to add some more greenery, nothing too wild just a few simple house plants here & there. I always have fresh flowers around so a couple of plants will tie things together, I just need some pretty plant pots instead of those ugly plastic terracotta ones most plants come in!

L x

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  1. We've got a grey sofa, sounds boring but you're right, they're easy to dress up with whatever you like. Love the turquoise cushion!

  2. I always want to sort out our DIY weekends but I never get around to doing it, lol..Those items are picture pretty.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your taste in homeware, especially the print of the popsicles! Awesome finds :)

    Akino |

  4. Like the blanket and pillow!
    Great idea!

  5. These picks are all gorgeous!

  6. The pillow is super cute. I'm sure you'll get there with the house eventually!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  7. Lovely picks! The print of that blanket is gorgeous and I love the ice lolly print. :)

  8. love all!