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Bill's & Brunch in London

I was just flicking through my camera roll on my iPhone, looking back at all the photos I took during my time in London when I suddenly got the urge to type up a blog post! I've been revisiting some of my old posts recently, mostly the more lifestyle kinda ones & feeling really glad that I took the time to document parts of my life. I love that feeling of nostalgia when you see photos of a particular event & reading back over some of my previous posts brought back so many memories that I had completely forgotten about. It's spurred me on to continue publishing more personal posts actually, sometimes I worry about sharing loads of stuff on the Internet, I dunno why really tho.
When I arranged to stay with my Sister in London we didn't make any official plans, in fact we never do really & find it much more enjoyable that way. There's no stressing over whether we will make it to certain places on time, we go with the flow & see where we end up! The day I arrived I mooched around Oxford St as I wanted to get a new outfit for the Oliver Bonas Christmas Preview, so I browsed in Topshop, H&M, all of the usual places (obviously had to snap the floral arrangements outside of Liberty!) and then I headed over to the LUSH Oxford St Store which I've been dying to visit. It was crazy busy but I purchased some of the items that are exclusives so I'll be popping up a post in the next couple of days! After that I hopped on the tube & went over to my Sisters flat to drop my bags off & decide where to go out for dinner. We ended up going to Bill's because neither of us had actually ever been, we shared a bowl of Pea & Mint soup and then we each had a burger. I'm not gonna lie I was pretty disappointed with my meal, the burger was really burnt (I asked for medium rare!) I don't understand the hype at all! I did however enjoy a Peach Bellini & I loved the way the restaurant was decorated. After our food we went for Cocktails, we ended up getting a Detox one made up of Kale & Spinach, just to try something different really & it was pretty tasty actually! We stayed out for a couple more hours, I don't see my Sister often so it was nice to sit & chat about life & things & properly catch up. 
My second day in London was spent having a late Breakfast at the Cafe Hannah works at before getting in a car & going over to the OB event held at their Marylebone store. After the event I took a trip over to the showroom as we have ordered a sofa so I went to check it out before heading over to Shoreditch to have a little explore. We went in & out of loads of different shops, mostly little independent ones selling cute stationery & homewares, then Hannah noticed a T2 Tea store so we went in & ended up whiling away a fair chunk of time. We were busy testing out different teas & tisanes & actually won one of the Pumping Pomegranate Tisanes! The Iced Teas they had out to sample were so refreshing after walking round London all day, the Apple Crumble one was tastyy. I saw a teeny tiny miniature dachshund too, so of course I squealed & couldn't stop smiling. I always have a little goal whenever I go to Shoreditch to see how many cute dogs I can spot, Shoreditch is the best for dog spotting haha & I saw a Frenchie too! Little side note... When I lived in London, before I had Tilly Pug I'd go Pug stalking & I'd be guaranteed to meet one hanging around the Brick Lane area!  After our little tea stop I realised we were close to the Beigel shop, I used to love getting a cream cheese beigel after a night out in Shoreditch so I had to stop & get one, for old times sake! Then we grabbed a Monmouth Coffee & hopped back on the Tube so I could pick up my bags from the flat before setting off on my mammoth bus journey (because of the Tube strike) over to Euston to catch my train back home to Liverpool. Whenever I visit London I always have the best time & it makes me feel so thankful that I had the opportunity to live down there for two years, plus I still have the opportunity to visit whenever I feel like it thanks to my lil sis!

Do you enjoy these kind of posts?

L x

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  1. I was hoping to go to Bill's soon. I guess I'm going to stay away from the burger.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time in London. I LOVE the showroom. I could spend all day there and all my money! haha. I do enjoy going to Bills but I take it for what it is. It's really family friendly and there's good variety. The do really good brunches but I'm with you on the burgers and I avoid them. K x

  3. Ooo the food looks amazing! I love London, its always super fun and full of life! xx

  4. I really enjoyed this post (I hope you continue with these lifestyle themes!) It was nice to hear about your few days in London. I’m sorry your burger wasn’t as good as you had hoped. It’s funny you mentioned mint pea soup, did you enjoy that bit of the meal? As I had this at a restaurant and couldn’t make my mind up about it! Those healthy juices looked pretty nice. I saw on the news about the tube strikes also, hope it didn’t affect your trip too much. Your photos are really interesting too, the one of you is lovely, I like your necklace!! Thanks for sharing! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog