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Beautiful Frankie Pug
 Baby AJ, Frankie's little Brother! He shares an Instagram account with Frankie!
 Handsome Boux Pug - how cool is his harness!? Here's his Instagram link!
 Flossie Pug, the sassiest diva Pug I know! Check out her Instagram.
 Another shot of Frankie
 Handsome Mr. Milo Pug, one of Tilly's first friends <3
Sophia Pug with Flossie & her brother Milo in the background. Milo & Sophia have their own Instagram account too!
 "Dad, you're embarrassing me in front of my friends!!!"
Tired Totoro Pug

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that Tilly Pug has a better social life than me, so it's no surprise that we attended another Pug Party for her to see all her little pals! Pugfest was held in Birmingham & it was by far the biggest Pug event we have been too, I actually felt overwhelmed! I reckon there was at least 1000 Pugs there, it was heaven & we managed to meet some of our Instagram friends plus see all the familiar faces, both Human & squishy Pug ones! Having a Pug has given us the opportunity to meet so many like-minded, crazy Pug people & honestly it's the best! We've made some friends for life & so has Tilly, it's the nicest thing ever. 

The was a Superhero theme to the event so we had a custom Totoro harness made for Tilly, not your typical Superhero but Totoro is a hero in my eyes & we call Tilly Totoro all the time so it just made sense! We had her harness made by a lovely lady who runs Poochu, the harnesses she sells are beautiful & she will make a harness exactly how you want it. I noticed a burger print harness on her Instagram page the other day, amazing! We also had a Totoro onesie for Tilly to wear but it was way too hot for that unfortunately. 
I didn't take anywhere near the amount of photos I was hoping to get, I was too busy soaking up the atmosphere & living in the moment - something I don't do enough, I'm always distracted by my phone, scrolling through social media etc. We love taking our Tilly Pug to these events, it's such a fun way to socialise her & it's amazing seeing all the Pugs in their element! 

L x

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  1. This looks like such fun! There's just too much major cuteness in one blog post here, they all look adorable, especially Tilly! If anything has pushed me over the edge to want to get a pug even more than before, then this post is definitely it! x

    1. Aw it was so much fun, Pugs have the best lives & bring so much happiness to everyone around them! Are you looking at getting one soon? Let me know if you need any advice! x

  2. Oh my good gosh, I would love to own a pug and know that I'd definitely be the type of person to attend these events! Look at how cute they all are!!


    1. The events are the best, the pugs are all in their element haha! (: