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St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

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Sometimes a new beauty product is launched which causes quite a stir in the beauty blogosphere, this time it was St Tropez's turn to excite us all! Introducing their In Shower Tanning Lotion created a lot of curiosity, as it was a completely new idea to the fake tanning industry. Being a fake tan newbie I was intrigued to give this a go, it seemed simple enough to use & I liked the idea of it being gradual. I'm such a pale person that building up a tan slowly but surely is the safest option for me! I picked it up from Boots as they had an introductory offer on it, so rather than £14.50 I paid around £9.00. 

I mentioned in my June Favourites that I was disappointed with this at first and that was because I wasn't rubbing the lotion in enough & also not being consistent with my applications. I took to Google to find out where I was going wrong & discovered I needed to brush any excess water off my skin plus apply it for 3 days to see any proper results. So everyday after I had washed & exfoliated, instead of hopping out of the shower & grabbing my warm, fluffy towel I would dry myself slightly & then apply a generous layer of lotion. The trick is to apply quite a thick layer & rub it in circular motions to create a sort of film across your skin. Then you need to wait for 3 minutes before rinsing it away with warm water. Waiting around for 3 minutes is probably the worst part of this whole tanning process but I soon learnt to keep myself occupied by brushing my teeth, applying a hair mask or even re-arranging all my products in the cupboards! Oh & I always make sure to bring my iPhone into the bathroom (risky I know!) so I can time the 3 minutes, it does say on the bottle not to exceed that limit but occasionally I've left it on for longer & haven't caused myself any harm (apart from the incident I mention below... vvv). Once the 3 minutes is up I step back into the shower & wash it all away. Sounds a bit obvious really but make sure you give yourself a really good wash as the product can stick a little bit & I somehow left a lot on my neck which resulted in a really orange patchy tan! Perhaps that is why they warn you to wash it away after 3 minutes! The product has a warm biscuit fragrance to it, which I don't mind actually as it's not that offensive & fades away after a day. 

I thought I would see results instantly, but gradual is definitely the key word here. It took 3 days before I saw any colour appearing but after that it does start to build up nicely & I've actually been able to experience my first proper tan! I even put my arm next to a couple of people & had a better tan than them which is the first time that has ever happened to me, so it was all a bit exciting haha! I know some people have said they didn't see any results from this, I personally think it's an ideal gradual tan for fair skin tones as it develops into subtle, golden glow that is natural looking. As well as it being a tanning product it's a great moisturiser too, thanks to the Sweet Almond Oil it keeps my skin feeling silky soft & means I don't have the extra job of moisturising afterwards! 
Have you tried St Tropez's In Shower Tanning Lotion?
L x

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  1. I'm still really interested in this product as I'm a total newbie to fake tanning and this seems like a pretty safe option but I'm just not sure if the results will be enough for me to bother with all the faff to be honest!
    Thanks for the review :)
    Megan x

  2. This is something I wanted to work so badly as I wanted a "safe" fake tanning option. The standing around bit definitely isn't too appealing.