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July 2015 Degustabox

Degustabox* is a monthly surprise food box that contains between 9-14 items that are completely new to the market. It's an alternative option from your usual beauty subscription box & if you like to try out different food & drink then this may be the box for you!

This months my box was filled with 10 different items, I opened it with Dom as he was also excited to see what was inside! His eyes instantly lit up when he saw the Tasty Little Numbers Chicken Tikka Masala, he loves a good curry! The first thing I noticed was the bottle of Lambrini, which instantly brought back memories from my teenage years when I would drink it at house parties during the Summer. I'm gonna save this bottle for our housewarming party, I'm looking forward to trying the So Strawberry flavour though, Strawberry alcoholic drinks are one of my favourites!

I often skip breakfast because I prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed, which then results in a mad rush to get ready for work so Weetabix On the Go is perfect for me! I always find Weetabix to be really filling & keeps me going until lunchtime, hopefully I'll be having breakfast more often now I've found a quick & yummy way to have it! Breakfast in a bottle, what a genius idea! Another amazing idea is the Taking the Pea crunchy flavoured peas. I received the Smoked Ham ones, they were so moreish & tasty, I think these are gonna be my new addiction! Dom & I were genuinely sad when we got to the bottom of the packet they are so so good! I'm not sure I'd like the other flavours in the range, but pea & ham soup is the best & these taste just like that! 

More yummy snacks included in my box were the Say Yes to No Sour Cream & Onion Toasted Bread Chips and the two packets of Fru Snax. The Toasted Bread chips are a delicious & healthy alternative to a packet of crisps. Say Yes to No promise that their bread chips contain no fake colourings & artificial flavours, they're a natural & healthy snack but are still full of flavour & have a good crunch to them too! Fru Snax are pieces of fruit & yoghurt that have been frozen & had the water evaporated to lock in the flavour. I've only tried the Strawberry Slices & Raspberry Yoghurt Melt ones so far but they are seriously fruity & flavoursome. I never eat enough fruit so eating these made me feel healthy!

As well as the alcoholic drink I also received 3 non-alcoholic drinks to try, two flavours of Little Miracles and a bottle of Newton's Appl Fizzics. Little Miracles are a blend of organic tea, juice & ginseng. I got the Lemongrass Tea, Orange & Ginseng and the Green Tea & Pomegranate flavours, I really enjoyed the Green Tea one & liked it even more knowing that it was good for me. Appl Fizzics (I love the name!) is apple juice and sparkling water mixed together to create refreshing soft drink. Served chilled it makes an ideal drink for a hot Summer's day!  

Have you tried Degustabox before?

L x

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  1. What a great box full! made me hungry looking at it. I get Glossy box for make up may have to try one for food next! Great post!

  2. Yummy! What a great way to try new things. I'd have seen the Lambrini first too, the strawberry flavour sounds like a nice twist. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. What a great box!! I myself want to get into healthy lifestyle, and this looks like a great motivation :D

    Aliya x | |