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LUSH Oxford Street Haul

The one place I knew I wanted to visit when I was in London was the new LUSH store that opened on Oxford Street in April. I'd heard all about the exclusive products that weren't stocked in any other store & really wanted to see them for myself so I hunted it down!

I'll just warn you incase you're planning on visiting, it was extremely busy, I actually felt really overwhelmed with how crowded it was & usually I'm not phased by London's busy shops and streets but it really got to me that day. I was determined not to let the claustrophobia feeling ruin my shopping plans so I powered through & wandered around the store. I did go back the following day however & it was a lot quieter so perhaps I picked the wrong time of day to visit!
I decided I would start on the top floor as that was were the bath products were located & nothing beats looking at the colourful array of bath bombs, melts & bubble bars. Something exclusive to the Oxford Street Flagship Store are the Luxury Bath Oils which melt in the bath water making it feel luxuriously soft and buttery, perfect for soaking in and giving your skin a real treat. I chose the one called Double Vitality (£2.00), star shaped & bright pink it's one of the cuter bath oils available! It contains peppermint & lemon, giving it a really zingy fresh fragrance. Whilst I was up on the third floor I also picked up the Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75) which is actually available online now too. Unfortunately the bath oil residue found its way onto this little milk bottle so it's sporting some pinky-orange patches! Obviously this one smells really milky with a hint of Orange oil & the silver bottle cap is packed with cocoa butter to add an extra bit of softness. I love that the scent isn't overpowering & the touch of silver lustre that is added to the bath is pretty!
I then headed downstairs as I wanted to get a bottle of The Comforter Moisturising Shower Cream however they didn't have any left so had to settle for just the Comforter Shower Cream (£4.75) version. All the LUSH Shower Gels I've tried have always been really moisturising anyway so I didn't mind too much! This is the one product that seems to be the most popular, everyone seems to love it. It's described as a "snug berry hug" & it is exactly that, the warm, fruity & uplifting fragrance provides a 'comforting' aroma as you shower. If you like the Comforter Bubble Bar you need to get this, it's been spotted in other stores so i'm assuming this is going to be readily available everywhere! I then noticed the Shampoo Bars, which I know are stocked in all stores but I've never tried one & when I saw the peach coloured one covered in glitter I couldn't resist getting it! The Lullaby Shampoo Bar (£5.75) is one to use at night before bedtime as the combination of Chamomile, Ground Almonds, Oat Milk, Neroli Oil & Lavender soothe the scalp, raise your spirits whilst also relaxing you. I've been suffering with a sore scalp recently so I'm hoping this is going to help. 

The final item I bought was the Cup O'Coffee Exfoliating Face & Body Mask (£.6.50), if you know me you know I love Coffee so I didn't even give this a second thought! I had actually gone downstairs to the basement where the Spa can be found as well as candles, massage bars & perfumes where I got chatting to one of the friendliest members of staff. Her product knowledge was amazing & she took me back upstairs to introduce me to the Coffee Exfoliator, she treated me to a hand massage before helping me locate a tub & ensuring I was happy with my visit. This Coffee infused mask helps to waken up your skin, making it look brighter & clear but also leaves the scent of Coffee on your skin hours after using it. I actually think this product was made for me haha!  

Have you been to the LUSH Oxford Street Store?

L x

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  1. I want to go here so bad, it looks amazing!

  2. I would love to visit the Oxford Street store, I bet it smells amazing! <3

  3. I bought The Comforter Shower Cream recently as well and I love it!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  4. I really want to give this store a visit although I would hate the fact it's so busy! It's a shame as some of these things look so good
    Summer / xx

  5. Since Autumn is coming around again (SO EXCITED), I'll be able to take baths and relax with nice Lush products again soon. This post has me so pumped for the cooler weather because everything is so cute!

    Akino |

  6. Love the bits you picked up, especially the milk bottle!

    Lauren x

  7. Great post, the Comforter shower cream and bubble bar are my favourites! Smell amazing! x

  8. A lush bath at the end of a hard day is just amazing!

  9. The Comforter shower cream really is amazing isn't it - I love it even more than the bubble bar! I really want to try the Milky Bath next, you'll have to update us once you use it :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  10. This particular LUSH store looks amazing! I would really like to go too so that I can browse all of the exclusive products.

  11. I am still yet to go to Lush Oxford Street, I'm desperate too! I love the smell of comforter, you made some good choices!! x

  12. love this post <3