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Sunday Summary

I feel like theres a lot to catch up on, I've not done a Sunday Summary for a couple of weeks now & some fun things have happened! The most exciting thing is getting Lulu Pug, but we also got our sofas delivered & finished decorating the living room, we've booked a trip to Brighton & had a few days out/double date nights with our friends. Oh & I got my hair done! So lots to report back on (:

I introduced Lulu Pug in Friday's blog post, we have adjusted well to life as a family of four (I know, I sound like I've just given birth to a newborn baby but my pugs are my babies haha..) & my whole week off has been spent settling the pugs into a routine together. So far, so good! We took Tilly & Lulu to Crosby beach today with our friends & their dog Bailey the Sprollie, all the dogs were in their element & I now have two sleepy pug's snoozing on the sofa with me!

I got my hair trimmed & had it balayaged, I think this is my fave hairstyle yet! It's different from what I usually have as I tend to stick to dark brown hair dyes but now I've got blonde running through it I'm tempted to get more put in.

As you probably know we moved over to Liverpool about 3 months ago now, we are discovering all our favourites places to eat, restaurants, takeaways & even cocktail bars. Luckily we have friends that have been able to recommend places to us as well but it's fun trying out lots of new places! I'm thinking of doing a little 'where to eat' guide, would anyone be interested!?

Apart from exploring our new city we've been dedicating most of our free time to DIY. The house was in a reasonable condition when we bought it, we are just trying to make it our own rather than live with the previous owners decor. I'm so happy with how the living room has turned out with it's crisp white walls, dark wooden original floorboards, high ceilings & our beautiful grey sofas! Now I just need to focus on getting some more accessories, find a coffee table & rug and it will be done! I'm gonna post a lil homeware wish list soon with all the things that I think will finish off the room. Our sofas are from, we picked the Orson ones because I felt that the classic style suited our old Victorian Terrace perfectly.

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

L x 

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  1. awe sounds like you have had a fantastic week, love the new sofa slightly Jealous and love the pug x

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy week! The pugs look so cute together and I love the sofas x

  3. It sounds like you had such a lovely week! Both of your babies are just too adorable, it's good to hear Lulu is fitting into the family easily! x

  4. Would love an ice-cream cone right now! xx


  5. Lulu is just gorgeous! Great photos by the way!

    Sara - She Who Is Short