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Sk:n Skincare

Sk:n are not only a skincare brand but they also have their own clinics up & down the Country which offer a wide range of treatments, such as Acne Treatment, Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair Removal. The clinics feature state of the art equipment, meaning any treatment you receive is done with the most up-to date technique. I've been trying out a couple of their skincare products, but I'd love to take a trip to a clinic one day for various reasons!
The Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for Normal Skin* (£26.00) is a creamy cleanser, with a  similar consistency to Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. The difference with this cleanser is that it contains Glycolic Acid & Glycerin which exfoliates the skin that bit further by helping to remove dead skin cells & clear pores. I find it very effective at cleansing my skin, it feels gentle yet manages to break down makeup ensuring it's left clean & refreshed. 

The second product I've been using is the Anti-Ageing Age-Delaying Cream for Younger Skin* (£33.75) I've been keen to incorporate an Anti-Ageing moisturiser into my skincare routine ever since I read that you are never too young to start protecting your skin from ageing. I'm 23 & already fine lines have started to appear across my forehead & around my eyes (early signs of crows feet!? eek!) & whilst everyone I mention it to denies it, I'm very aware of them! Obviously I can't see any overnight results from using this but it's reassuring knowing I am taking a step to (hopefully) preserve my skin, I guess only time will tell! The moisturiser contains Vitamin A which helps to regulate cell turnover which is vital to keep your skin looking healthy, younger & fresh. It also has Shea Butter in it which explains why my skin always feels so soft & hydrated after I've applied it. 

Have you tried any products from sk:n?

L x

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  1. I haven't tried any of the sk:n range but I think I might give them a go soon.

  2. Ohh I've been interested in trying this brand for a while but I'm always unsure with changing my skincare routine. Like you, I think it might be time to incorporate anti-aging products so perhaps I'll give sk:n a try as I love the Vitamin A ingredient for fresher skin.
    xo Lottie

  3. Sk:n cosmetics are my favorite and I love these skin care clinic services.