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Halloween & Autumnal Decor

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

Here's a little peak into how I've decorated our home for the Autumn. Ever since we moved in one of the things I've been most excited about is the chance to decorate for each season. As soon as Autumn appeared I switched my Summer candles over to more spicy scented ones & picked up some Halloween related decor too. We are having a little gathering tomorrow evening so I scoured the shops for some bits & pieces to make our living space have a bit of a 'spooky' theme. I've hung a skeleton garland from our beautiful cast iron fireplace & filled the fire pit with candles & placed munchkins & a full sized pumpkin on the floor to create a little scene! Of course I had to pick up some Autumnal coloured flowers too.
Do you decorate for the seasons?

L x

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