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5 Things To Do On Your Day Off

(Tilly totally feels my pain)

Having a day off work feels like a luxury to me at the moment & now that I've got two days off in a row (rare in retail) I've been told to rest by the Doctor as I'm suffering with some kind of virus, typical! I had so many ideas on how to spend my days off so whilst I'm tucked up in bed I thought I may as well share them anyway! Usually when my day off rolls around I treat myself to a lie in, but then the rest of my time is taken up by catching up with household chores & life admin things. Recently I've been feeling quite stressed with my lifestyle & things are gonna have to change, which is probably one reason why I'm always poorly. I really want to start utilising my time a bit better so now I've got this lil list to refer back to heres hoping I can learn to chill a bit more!

One: Begin the day with a pamper session, by this I mean the whole works, a long hot bubble bath, manicure, pedicure & a face mask! I feel like starting your day this way is such a treat & puts you in a good mood, ready to get on with whatever you've got planned.

Two: Read that book you've had sitting on your shelf for the past year. Dust it off, snuggle up under blankets on the sofa & lose yourself in a chapter or two. 

Three: Try out a new recipe! I'm always saying I want to eat different meals but when it rolls round to the evening it's always easier to pop a pizza in the oven & be done with it. This is purely a lazy issue for me, once I've prepared a meal though I always feel a sense of satisfaction, especially when it tastes yum too!

Four: Do some DIY. & by that I don't mean home improvements I mean get crafty. I did a big eBay order the other night consisting of glitter, feathers & things to make a load of Christmas decorations for the house. I definitely know what I'll be doing when my next day off arrives!

Five: Become a tourist in your own city. This really appeals to me as we moved to a completely new city so we have lots of places still to discover. You can't really go wrong with a day of exploring, I'd start the day off by heading over to a coffee shop I'd never been to & go from there.

Maybe all these new *things* I'm planning on doing will result in a couple of blog posts too, who knows! 
How do you like to spend your days off?
L x

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