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Five Beauty Secrets from MissBella

Five Beauty Secrets
True beauty comes from within but that does not mean that we should neglect the face we show the world. Our outer layer can say a lot about who we are and we should always be careful to show those around us that we care. You can look great and feel great too, when the way you look on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. Keep things simple and you will discover that your beauty shines through. Here are five of the best beauty secrets – they may not be quite what you were expecting:

Keep it Simple
Skin, hair, eyes, mouth, body, clothes: all of these elements come together to create your 'image' – the message that you send out to the world. Keep it simple. All you need to do to be beautiful is think about how each of these six elements fits into your whole image. It is not rocket science, you simply have to make sure that each of these elements is at its very best: clean, healthy, natural. Do this and you are sure to look and feel great.

Don't Be A Mindless Consumer
At times we can all of us be guilty of buying things we do not need. Think carefully about which beauty products you choose. It is not about doing without, it is simply about not buying things that you do not require or which are not right for you. Sometimes, when we are lured by advertising or fancy packaging, we can end up with a whole bunch of products. Here is the big secret – sometimes we can be doing more damage than good by putting so many products on our skin and hair which can trap us in a consumerist loop where we are constantly trying to repair the damage we have done – drying out our skin or hair with products and then endlessly trying to get the moisture back in.

Beautiful Skin & Hair The Natural Way
Inner and outer beauty can come by finding a closer connection with the natural world and caring about our planet can also mean caring about ourselves. Get beautiful skin and hair the natural way with organic, natural products. Our physical bodies are amazing things and on the whole, they are able to find their own beauty and balance if you just let them. The big secret? You can get the best hair and skin ever by doing three simple things: eat healthily, get some exercise, protect yourself from the sun. Work with nature and you can be naturally beautiful.

Be Your Own Best Self
Nature can take us a long way but we always want to make sure that we are being our own best selves. We have to work with what we have naturally but there in nothing to stop us from making the most of what we have. A smile, for example, costs nothing, but it can illuminate even the most ordinary of faces. Your physical body is only part of you but you should always take care of it. By making sure you are looking the best you can, you show the world that you care.

Develop Inner Confidence
Remember, at the end of the day, the most alluring thing of all is inner confidence. The whole thing is something of a confidence trick but it is strange but true that when you have faith that you look at your best you will absolutely look at your best. Developing inner confidence is one of the top beauty secrets of all.
Written By Elizabeth Waddington
Content Credit MissBella
L x

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Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

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A Jo Malone fragrance has been on my 'to buy' list for a long, long time however before a bottle found it's way into my life I wanted to make sure I was 100% on which one to go for first. Since moving to Liverpool I've visited the Jo Malone store multiple times to test out a few of the scents I'd had in mind. I was really, really torn on which one to choose because I fell in love with so many of the fragrances, it took a lot of umming & ahhing before I settled on Pomegranate Noir. In the end I decided to go for Pomegranate Noir because it is somewhat different to any other perfume I have in my collection. Also as this was a gift for my birthday & being a Winter baby I felt this was the most appropriate for the time of year. 

Now, I have to warn you I am pretty terrible at describing smells, I'll give it a go but I highly advise you to hunt down a Jo Malone stand/store to give their fragrances a sniff! I'm having a bit of a thing with Pomegranate at the mo, I can't get enough of those delicious little seeds sprinkled on top of my porridge every morning - perhaps this is another reason I was drawn to Pomegranate Noir in the end!? The fruity Pomegranate, Raspberry & Plum top notes are complimented by a touch of Pink Pepper, Casablanca Lily & Woody base notes that create a musky, spicy, fruit scented cologne with a hint of floral. It's definitely a perfect fragrance for the Autumn/Winter months with it's smokey, dark ambience. Usually I'm quite heavy with my perfume application but as the aroma of this one is so strong a little goes a long way. In fact I often just add a quick spritz to my scarf for a more toned down, delicate version of the fragrance but I do tend to save it for evenings out or special occasions.

Jo Malone products are truly luxurious, housed in simple yet classic packaging that looks beautiful anywhere. I have my perfume sitting on my dressing table, it just has to be on display! I'm lusting after a candle for our living room, a hand wash to treat our guests to (and ourselves of course!) & a bath oil to perch on the edge of our huge bath tub, because all bathrooms need a little luxury! Next on my hit list is something from the Peony & Suede Blush range, but I also loved English Pear & Freesia too. 

Whats your favourite fragrance from Jo Malone?

L x 

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LUSH Shiny Happy People Gift Set

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As a huge LUSH fan I was really excited to receive the Shiny Happy People gift set on my birthday, especially because it contained 3 products I'd never tried before! In fact this was the first LUSH gift set I'd ever received so it was a pretty exciting moment for me! 

The box is wrapped up in yellow smiley face paper and contains three products, Refresher Shower Jelly, Layer Cake Soap & Beautiful Shower Gel. I've tried the LUSH Shower Jelly's before, although they can be awkward to use I do love the novelty of them! The refresher one has a zesty, zingy lemon fragrance, it's definitely one to use in the morning when you're still half asleep thats for sure! On the Lush website it says you can pop it into the fridge or freezer for an extra refreshing feeling, I might give it a go in the Summer, right now my house is like an igloo though so I won't be rushing to freeze it just yet!

Layer Cake soap is made of five fruity layers, however the piece in my box only has two of the layers which I'm a bit disappointed with. On the website it shows the rainbow layered soap which looks amazing but my block is just two layers, purple & red. Each layer represents a different fruity fragrance & contains fresh fruit juices which smell so good! I'm a fruity over floral kinda person usually so I really enjoy using this soap! It lathers up lovely too & leaves my hands feeling squeaky clean.

Beautiful Shower Gel is another fruit fragranced product & one that I didn't know existed until now either, so it's was nice to see something new! It's a peach scented shower gel which is absolutely heavenly, peach fragrances are one of my favourites as they're still really fresh & fruity but a bit different from your usual fruity product! One thing I love about Lush shower gels is the fact you only need a small amount to get a huge amount of lather & fragrance. Even the small bottles seem to last me forever because you just don't need to use a lot at all!

I was always a bit wary about LUSH gifts because I like to be able to pick out my faves but getting this gift has really opened my eyes to the amazing selection of sets available! They're all so beautifully wrapped too, it's worth the extra £££'s!

Have you received a LUSH Gift before? Let me know if you have a favourite!

L x 

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An & Other Stories Duo

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A trip to London isn't complete without a visit to & Other Stories, a store that is located amidst the hustle & bustle of Regent St. After having a quick nosy at their website I have just learnt that there are in fact 2 other stores, still both down in London though... boo! 

Whenever I visit & Other Stories it's mostly for the beauty department, the bath & body section is so dreamy I wish I could have the whole range sitting in my bathroom cupboard. The last time I visited the store I decided to buy our new home a gift, a matching hand wash & lotion, so that when we have guests round we have a nice duo for them to use. I chose the fragrance Belleville Bakery, a warm vanilla scent with a citrusy vibe, believe me when I say it's divine! Annoyingly though it has now gone in the sale which I am devastated about because I was hoping to purchase more of it when I visit ldn in Feb! I love washing my hands with this stuff though because the scent hangs onto my skin so I can smell it for ages afterwards & the hand lotion is so lovely, it's silky soft & gives my hands the nourishment they really need at the mo.

Have you tried anything from & Other Stories? Let me know if there is anything you recommend!

L x

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January Goals

Okay, so it's not quite the first week in January anymore but today really got me thinking about what I want to achieve by the end of the month. I'm one of those people who is really good at completely overwhelming themselves with too much to do but I'm learning that it's just silly to write endless to-do lists. Instead I want to focus on a couple of things each month to help me to get to where I want to be with my life/the house/my job. I'm hoping this technique is going to help calm my anxiety right down too because I've been having a bad time with it recently. Feeling overwhelmed & flustered is not nice but by giving myself a chance to step back & figure out what's what I already feel much better. 

Life Goals 
- Book a Dentist appointment. This might sound like a really realistic thing to have on a to-do list & it is but I'm always putting it off & pretending their are other important things I should do first. Around 4 years ago I had a consultation to begin Invisalign, however the clinic messed up & ended up having to refund me so I never achieved the teeth I've always wanted. Now getting braces seems like the blogger/YouTuber thing to do I've actually been really hesitant to find a new Orthodontist to begin my teeth transformation. I realise this is stupid & I just need to get on with it because I am desperate to have teeth I am happy with so I've promised myself I will get to the dentist this month & get the ball rolling again!

House Goals
- Declutter the bedroom. Our bedroom isn't the worst room in the house for junk but I really want to clear out things I've been hoarding for years on end so by starting with a room that isn't too bad will hopefully give me the motivation to tackle our spare bedroom which is currently a hell hole! 

- Buy some art work for the living & dining room. These two rooms are pretty much complete apart from needing the odd piece of furniture & accessories. The rooms are both white with wooden floors which makes them look a bit blank at the moment, so I need to inject some life into the rooms. 

Blog Goals
- My main blogging goal is to post as regularly as possibly, hopefully twice a week but maybe more if I get the chance! 

- Everyone always says numbers aren't everything & they definitely aren't but I would like to hit 2500 Bloglovin' followers if possible, I'm about 60 away so hopefully thats not too hard to reach. 

Career Goals
- Within the past 6 months I've found an area of work that I am really enjoying. I never thought I would find a job I would like, so now I just need to keep saying yes to all the opportunities that come up to keep building my experience. 

Do you have any goals you are hoping to achieve?

L x

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New Year New Wardrobe Wishlist

New Year, New Me... no not really but it is the perfect excuse for a new wardrobe! It's still pretty chilly here in the UK & no doubt it will be for the remainder of the year which means I'm being drawn to chunky knit jumpers & bobble hats. I'm in desperate need for a new bag & I think I've found *the one*, after searching through every shop imaginable I came across the ASOS grey winged tote bag & it's perfect! Well obviously a Kate Spade/Mulberry/Whistles bag would be perfect but for now this lil ASOS beauty will have to do instead! I'm loving A-line skirts at the mo & I'm really hoping they continue to be on trend throughout the rest of 2016 because I feel like they really flatter my figure & tucking a jumper into one is pretty much all I wear these days. Oh & I don't even like cats but for some reason I really need the kitty cat flats in my life, the ankle strap & the pointed toes make such a nice combo! Well I'm definitely ready for a shopping spree now, it's a good job I've got a Topshop voucher that needs spending & something Birthday cash leftover... 

L x 

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December Favourites

December was the busiest month of my life, working ridiculous hours & getting ready for Christmas meant it flew by faster than ever. It's been so long since I've tried any new makeup items (something that needs to change asap... payday hurry up!) so my favourites this month are fragrance, skincare & a new category... miscellaneous! 

Bobble hats are my most-loved winter accessory, I have many of them stored away in my drawers but the one I'm always wearing at the moment is this cream knitted one with a faux fur pom pom. It goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, it's cosy & keeps my lil head warm!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is my favourite cleanser, I'm forever repurchasing it, usually just on it's own but last time I ended up getting the Daily Essentials Kit that included a moisturiser, exfoliator & of course the good old muslin cloths too. Loving C&P so much I had high hopes for the other products, which they do in fact live up to. The Skin Repair Moisturiser is a beautifully light moisturiser with a gentle, fresh fragrance that sinks into the skin almost immediately without leaving behind any sticky residues. It's quickly become my go-to moisturiser now as my skin feels soft & prepped ready for me to apply my makeup. 

Aesop is a brand I'm new too, but one I'm glad to have discovered thanks to fellow beauty bloggers! Over the past few months I've been making more of a conscious effort to take time out & pamper myself. I'd been feeling worse for wear & fed up of how run down I'd let myself get, I knew things had to change & taking an hour out in a busy week has really done wonders for me. With that decision I decided to invest in a nice face mask that I could treat myself to & give my skin that little detox it really needed. The Aesop Parsley Seed Masque is clay based & aims to extract impurities to refresh your skin. It does make your skin feel tight whilst its on & also after removing it but nothing a bit of moisturiser can't fix & it's worth it to achieve that fresh skin feeling!

Soap & Glory body sprays are a handbag essential, I've always loved the original pink fragrance but my absolute fave scent from S&G is the Smoothie Star one! You can imagine how excited I was when I realised it was now available in a body spray & even more excited when I was invited to lunch with Soap & Glory who in fact gifted me this as well as some other amazing goodies too. That was definitely a "is this real life?" moment for me!

I've been wearing my Pandora Birthstone rings non-stop since Dom bought me them, they're such lovely rings & mine are so special to me as they represent my lil Pugs birthdays - yep told ya I'm a crazy Pug lady! 

What are your monthly favourites?

L x

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Hello 2016

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Oops, long time no blog! What happened to #blogmas? My full time job, thats what happened. It's a constant frustration of mine as obviously I have to work to buy the pugs everything they need (& more!)& y'know pay the bills etc, but I'm forever wishing for extra hours in the day to do what makes me happy. Anyway now the new year is here I feel like a review of 2015 needs to be done before I can begin with any other blog posts, it's always nice to have something to look back over.

Without a doubt 2015 was the best year of my life, so far! We finally bought our very own house in May, a goal that had been ours for about 2 years, but these things take time & a whooooole lotta patience, however it paid off in the end & was so worth all the stressing & saving. It's the best feeling knowing this entire house is all ours, I'm having so much fun learning to DIY things, decide on decor & generally just enjoying our place to live. It's such a huge achievement, that I'll be content if we don't achieve anything for the next few years haha, but we will still push on & try reach those goals! I'd always had it in my head that I'd like to get on the property ladder before I was 25 & we smashed that target at managing to climb the ladder at just 23. I can't help but be super proud of us!

Another huge highlight was rescuing beautiful little Lulu Pug in August. Pretty much from day one of bringing Tilly Pug home we always knew we would love to have another in our lives one day. I always imagined us getting another puppy though but when we found Lulu we knew we had to save her. Little Lu as she is commonly referred to is such a precious pug & brings us so much happiness. It's the greatest feeling knowing we are giving her the life she has always deserved & there is nothing sweeter than seeing my two babies snuggling up to each other on the sofa.

I had big hopes to travel more in 2015 but we ended up spending more on a house so there wasn't many pennies left in the pot to book a proper holiday. I did however manage to travel a little bit within the UK, we finally visited Brighton with our friends & the pugs for a weekend which was the best and I also went to London a couple of times to see my Sister. I'm so so close to booking a weekend break to Berlin, I'm just trying to hunt down some cheap flights & I hope to visit another European city too if I get the chance!

I have a really good feeling about 2016, I had the same feeling about 2015 which worked out to be pretty awesome so hopefully 2016 ends up being just as great. 

L x

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