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Five Beauty Secrets from MissBella

Five Beauty Secrets
True beauty comes from within but that does not mean that we should neglect the face we show the world. Our outer layer can say a lot about who we are and we should always be careful to show those around us that we care. You can look great and feel great too, when the way you look on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. Keep things simple and you will discover that your beauty shines through. Here are five of the best beauty secrets – they may not be quite what you were expecting:

Keep it Simple
Skin, hair, eyes, mouth, body, clothes: all of these elements come together to create your 'image' – the message that you send out to the world. Keep it simple. All you need to do to be beautiful is think about how each of these six elements fits into your whole image. It is not rocket science, you simply have to make sure that each of these elements is at its very best: clean, healthy, natural. Do this and you are sure to look and feel great.

Don't Be A Mindless Consumer
At times we can all of us be guilty of buying things we do not need. Think carefully about which beauty products you choose. It is not about doing without, it is simply about not buying things that you do not require or which are not right for you. Sometimes, when we are lured by advertising or fancy packaging, we can end up with a whole bunch of products. Here is the big secret – sometimes we can be doing more damage than good by putting so many products on our skin and hair which can trap us in a consumerist loop where we are constantly trying to repair the damage we have done – drying out our skin or hair with products and then endlessly trying to get the moisture back in.

Beautiful Skin & Hair The Natural Way
Inner and outer beauty can come by finding a closer connection with the natural world and caring about our planet can also mean caring about ourselves. Get beautiful skin and hair the natural way with organic, natural products. Our physical bodies are amazing things and on the whole, they are able to find their own beauty and balance if you just let them. The big secret? You can get the best hair and skin ever by doing three simple things: eat healthily, get some exercise, protect yourself from the sun. Work with nature and you can be naturally beautiful.

Be Your Own Best Self
Nature can take us a long way but we always want to make sure that we are being our own best selves. We have to work with what we have naturally but there in nothing to stop us from making the most of what we have. A smile, for example, costs nothing, but it can illuminate even the most ordinary of faces. Your physical body is only part of you but you should always take care of it. By making sure you are looking the best you can, you show the world that you care.

Develop Inner Confidence
Remember, at the end of the day, the most alluring thing of all is inner confidence. The whole thing is something of a confidence trick but it is strange but true that when you have faith that you look at your best you will absolutely look at your best. Developing inner confidence is one of the top beauty secrets of all.
Written By Elizabeth Waddington
Content Credit MissBella
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    1. Oh no, thats so sad! I don't wear it enough these days I always forget to put it on! Thank you lovely xx

  2. I love this post! I have been taking vitamins for my hair skin and nails for inner beauty haha x


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  4. Inspiring set of Beauty secrets!!! Love this Blog.Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post.

  5. These are some lovely tips. I totally agree with keeping it simple :)
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