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January Goals

Okay, so it's not quite the first week in January anymore but today really got me thinking about what I want to achieve by the end of the month. I'm one of those people who is really good at completely overwhelming themselves with too much to do but I'm learning that it's just silly to write endless to-do lists. Instead I want to focus on a couple of things each month to help me to get to where I want to be with my life/the house/my job. I'm hoping this technique is going to help calm my anxiety right down too because I've been having a bad time with it recently. Feeling overwhelmed & flustered is not nice but by giving myself a chance to step back & figure out what's what I already feel much better. 

Life Goals 
- Book a Dentist appointment. This might sound like a really realistic thing to have on a to-do list & it is but I'm always putting it off & pretending their are other important things I should do first. Around 4 years ago I had a consultation to begin Invisalign, however the clinic messed up & ended up having to refund me so I never achieved the teeth I've always wanted. Now getting braces seems like the blogger/YouTuber thing to do I've actually been really hesitant to find a new Orthodontist to begin my teeth transformation. I realise this is stupid & I just need to get on with it because I am desperate to have teeth I am happy with so I've promised myself I will get to the dentist this month & get the ball rolling again!

House Goals
- Declutter the bedroom. Our bedroom isn't the worst room in the house for junk but I really want to clear out things I've been hoarding for years on end so by starting with a room that isn't too bad will hopefully give me the motivation to tackle our spare bedroom which is currently a hell hole! 

- Buy some art work for the living & dining room. These two rooms are pretty much complete apart from needing the odd piece of furniture & accessories. The rooms are both white with wooden floors which makes them look a bit blank at the moment, so I need to inject some life into the rooms. 

Blog Goals
- My main blogging goal is to post as regularly as possibly, hopefully twice a week but maybe more if I get the chance! 

- Everyone always says numbers aren't everything & they definitely aren't but I would like to hit 2500 Bloglovin' followers if possible, I'm about 60 away so hopefully thats not too hard to reach. 

Career Goals
- Within the past 6 months I've found an area of work that I am really enjoying. I never thought I would find a job I would like, so now I just need to keep saying yes to all the opportunities that come up to keep building my experience. 

Do you have any goals you are hoping to achieve?

L x

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  1. Great goals ! I like the 'House Goals' I think I shall do the same !! My goals will be live on Tuesday!

  2. I think it is standard for every 'spare bedroom' to be a junk room. I've recently moved and by god there was so much junk in that room!
    Good luck!
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  3. What lovely goals for yourself! I hope you achieve them!
    Realistic goals and tasks are sometimes the things that can make a whole load of difference to yourself both mentally and lifestyle wise. So I hope you manage to do the things you want this month :)

    I need to take inspiration from this and start considering the more realistic goals for this year!?

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

  4. They're some great goals! My goals are to get fitter and be more organised x