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LUSH Shiny Happy People Gift Set

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As a huge LUSH fan I was really excited to receive the Shiny Happy People gift set on my birthday, especially because it contained 3 products I'd never tried before! In fact this was the first LUSH gift set I'd ever received so it was a pretty exciting moment for me! 

The box is wrapped up in yellow smiley face paper and contains three products, Refresher Shower Jelly, Layer Cake Soap & Beautiful Shower Gel. I've tried the LUSH Shower Jelly's before, although they can be awkward to use I do love the novelty of them! The refresher one has a zesty, zingy lemon fragrance, it's definitely one to use in the morning when you're still half asleep thats for sure! On the Lush website it says you can pop it into the fridge or freezer for an extra refreshing feeling, I might give it a go in the Summer, right now my house is like an igloo though so I won't be rushing to freeze it just yet!

Layer Cake soap is made of five fruity layers, however the piece in my box only has two of the layers which I'm a bit disappointed with. On the website it shows the rainbow layered soap which looks amazing but my block is just two layers, purple & red. Each layer represents a different fruity fragrance & contains fresh fruit juices which smell so good! I'm a fruity over floral kinda person usually so I really enjoy using this soap! It lathers up lovely too & leaves my hands feeling squeaky clean.

Beautiful Shower Gel is another fruit fragranced product & one that I didn't know existed until now either, so it's was nice to see something new! It's a peach scented shower gel which is absolutely heavenly, peach fragrances are one of my favourites as they're still really fresh & fruity but a bit different from your usual fruity product! One thing I love about Lush shower gels is the fact you only need a small amount to get a huge amount of lather & fragrance. Even the small bottles seem to last me forever because you just don't need to use a lot at all!

I was always a bit wary about LUSH gifts because I like to be able to pick out my faves but getting this gift has really opened my eyes to the amazing selection of sets available! They're all so beautifully wrapped too, it's worth the extra £££'s!

Have you received a LUSH Gift before? Let me know if you have a favourite!

L x 

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  1. I'm a huge lush fan and love receiving lush products for Christmas or my birthday. My family and friends know me so well so I always get bits and bobs from there on every occasion! I bought a mini bottle of beautiful and love it, it's a very fresh scent so perfect for the mornings and that little bit of sparkle makes me feel like I'm starting the day right. For Christmas I received the golden wonder gift set which contained the golden wonder bath bomb and the stardust bath bomb. My favourite items from lush are definitely the bath bombs and bubble bars so I prefer gift sets with just them in as I don't use soap apart from in my wardrobe to make my clothes smell nice!

    Hope you had a nice birthday :)

    Ruby xoxo

  2. I love lush so these sound heavenly! X

  3. I love the sound of the peachy shower gel! I also got a big lush gift box recently and can't wait to try some new bits!

    Emily xo

  4. I haven't been to lush in a while now! This just makes me want to go when I pop into Birmingham tomorrow. I haven't tried these ones I tend to go for the super sweet smelling items x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl